Tuesday, January 18, 2011

- Bare Bones

Okay I may have to revise my "plan" here.  I really wanted to have everything done in the apartment by the time I went to work so that I didn't have any projects hanging over my head.  But as you will see in the pictures below, there is still A LOT to be done.  There are about 234,897 pillows to sew and 901,583,465 things to paint and at least 50 million frames to fill and hang on the wall -  so it's all becoming a little overwhelming instead of the "fun" that I imagined it would be.  I've decided that since  I made the deadline, I can blow right past it if I want.

Anyways, here's the living/dining room.
It has thoroughly frustrated me this morning.  That sliding glass door is massive.  Which is great because it lets in a ton of light, and yet sucky because it isn't easy to find curtain rods that long.  Or to install them.  Especially when they give you hardware that does not WORK...and I will NEVER understand why curtain brackets are designed in a way that prohibits the use of a drill.  Clearly these manufacturers are trying to drive people insane.  I dropped f bombs like it was it 'Nam.

My original plan for this window was to use my orange Ikea curtains with the brown ones that Mom made forever ago, which is what's up now.  But the colors are more similar than I remembered them being, and also, the Ikea ones have extra fabric at the top.  I like having the width of the two panels, but other than that I'm just not sure about how this is looking.  I could use curtain rings at the top and that will take care of the uniformity, but to be honest I was so mad at that curtain rod that once I got everything up I didn't care to mess with it any more for at least 24 hours.  

The entertainment center is also not ready.  Right now I'm using the two shelves I had stacked on top of each other, but my goal is to get this bookshelf and use it instead, so that I can stand mine back up on either side to create a built in look.  I decided on this because I think it will fill the space and help cover up that access panel, plus it will create more of a focal point since this is what you see as you enter the room.  Also, the two shelves I had were completely full of my books before, so there isn't much room for expansion, and I can't walk into a bookstore without buying a book.  This will also allow for space for me to keep my stereo, Wii, and Blu Ray player.  That is, if I can ever get the darn shelf.  I have some words for Ikea these days...
The coffee table and side tables are new and were super cheap at Ikea.  I wish the side tables were taller, but I do really like the pop of red that they offer and I think the will look a lot better once I get all the pillows made and the lamps painted orange.  That red/yellow combo almost too much for  me to bear just in the interim.  Even though I measured, the coffee table is a bit larger than I thought it would be...but I still really like the size.  I would like to point out that this is probably the last year that I will have my brown couch.  Up close it is definitely looking worse for wear from the move and us stacking stuff on top of it while in storage (what was I thinking?).  I'm saving up for something like this next year.  I think the coffee table will still work with a piece like that, it will probably just need a coat of paint.  Also you can see that I'm using the CD storage boxes from Ikea which fit perfectly on the bottom shelf of the coffee table and will hold my (wait for it) CD collection.  
Once the entertainment center gets put in place I'm going to see if I can move the table over any more to allow for my directors chairs to sit at the bar.  I'm also going to re-hang the two shelves that I had in the dining room before (seen here decorated for Christmas in 2009).  I plan to paint the base of the table red to match the end tables, and I've also ordered more fitted chair covers for the parson's chairs.  

If you walk down the hall you are immediately confronted with the two areas that are still completely in disarray.  There is no linen closet anywhere, so I plan to use those white plastic shelves for all the extra sheets and stuff and keep them where they are in the laundry room.  In the storage closet, which you can't see but is across from the washer, I'm going to store all my craft/sewing supplies.
At some point this room will be beautiful and it will hold my old comfy bed and you can visit me and stay there.  However, I have to get everything else done first so that I can clear out all this stuff to make room for the furniture, which will all be painted white.
Guests may not have a place to sleep (well there's a pull out couch and an air mattress) but they can easily go to the bathroom.  I am in LOVE with these curtains used as a shower curtain.  I seriously stop to look at them every time I walk by.  I found some cute little towels and bath mats at HomeGoods, but I still need art for in here.  So far I haven't seen anything that I like or even think will work, so I'm at a bit of a loss.
Emma is modeling the hallway.  Which had the perfect spot for this little dresser, but again I'm not quite sure what to do above it.  I really wanted to put a lamp there, but there is no outlet.  I though it would be fun to find a really bright piece of artwork so that I could paint the dresser a fun color, but I haven't found it yet.  I'm thinking photo collages on the walls in between the doorways.
Right now the top of the dresser has stuff on it for my bathroom.  I found this fabric yesterday to use as a shower curtain.  It works well with the bedding I have in my room, and yet allows for me to use my beachy accessories in there, which I like because the reason I bought all this stuff is because it reminds me of home.  
Speaking of my bathroom...
I installed my curved shower rod (another frustrating experience with ill-fitting hardware - I really miss having my Dad around) and set up my wire storage.  I'm glad that there was room for it because without a linen closet and only the space under the sink, there just isn't room to keep all my bathroom stuff in the bathroom without it.  I just threw my old cover on it for now, but I found some options at Joanne's yesterday that match the fabric in the last picture so I can make a new cover.

And lastly, here's my room.
It's been like this pretty much since the movers brought my furniture since it was the first thing I got semi-set up.  The only thing I've done since then is hang up the curtains.  I need to get the new headboard made and recover the ottoman at the base of the bed.  I would really like to do it a solid navy on the base, and then a navy and white graphic print on top...but I couldn't find anything like that yesterday.  I want to make pillows out of the pink and navy fabric placed on the bed and I have to paint all the furniture in the room as well.

I'll keep you posted as things keep evolving...


Mams said...

Wow, you've done a lot. I love the little dresser down the hall, it's going to look so cute there. And I actually like the book cases on their sides and glad to see your dining room table is going to fit. I love the ottoman at the foot of your bed..it's gonna look great recovered. I love your new end tables and coffee table too. Oh heck, I'm love everything!

Dad said...

Looks like you're getting things shaped up pretty well. I miss not being there to help you this go-round. I know everything will look wonderful as usual when you're all done.

Iris said...

i'm behind...

however, it's nostalgic seeing your old furniture :) in different colors and places but nonetheless the same.
and the first thing I thought of was, hmm I haven't seen that coffee table before...