Thursday, January 20, 2011

- Business Time

I moved to Minneapolis for a job.  I think I've mentioned it a few times but I don't know that I've given any real without further ado, "It's Business Time"

"I might go to bed, I've got work in the morning" 
On January 24th I will start my food science career as an R&D Scientist II at General Mills.  I worked as an intern at General Mills in the summer of 2008 and really loved the company for the way that it treated it's employees and the emphasis it places on a work/life balance.  I also liked that for such a large company, it had that small company feel and that I was able to make a niche for myself in just my summer there.  When I decided it was time to procure a full time job, GM was the only company I contacted because I honestly felt like, for me personally, there wasn't a better option.  I emailed all of the right people (several times: I like to refer to at persistent but not stalkerish) and got an offer in September, which I quickly accepted.  

"Team Building Exercise '99"
My first assignment is in the Gtech ingredient division and after just speaking with my manager I'm uber excited to report that I will be working on sodium reduction!

"Then you tell me you want some more, well I'm not surprised"
This is a huge point of interest in the food industry as there is a lot of external pressure from the public to address this because of the health concerns that are associated with high salt intake.  I attended a conference at UC Davis this past summer that was largely focused on the need for food companies to take responsibility and address sodium reduction in their products.  And they are...of course the logical problem is that if you take the salt out, the product doesn't taste as good.  So I'll be working on all kinds of clever ways to accomplish this alongside other food scientists, sensory scientists and culinary experts.

"Business hours are over, baby"
And that will probably be the last time that I address my job here.  My employment is one of the few areas that I feel should be off limits for this space.  I spent 9.5 years in school so that I could get the job that I wanted, and I wouldn't want to jeopardize that in any way.  Aside from that, most of what I will work on I won't be able to legally share because of confidentiality agreements.  As with any food company, the bottom line reigns supreme.  And the company that is able to put low sodium claims on their product first, will cash in first.  It's competitive, and therefore, it will be secretive.  It's totally "If I told you, I'd have to kill you" kind of stuff - and I couldn't be happier.

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