Wednesday, January 19, 2011

- I Did Something Awesome

Yesterday I was having one of those lazy days where I just wanted to wear my pj's and hang out around the house.  I decided I would try to be productive and make throw pillows and then if there was time work on getting some stuff up in the kitchen.

But then I walked past the guest bathroom.  I stared at those curtains again.  And I just felt like, I needed to figure out that room, and get it finished.  I had bought these three hot pink vases at Ikea and so I started playing around with their configuration around the sink.  I needed some more things to mix in so I went to my pile of crap in the guest bathroom and pulled a few more pieces.  It took a while, but I finally got things got situated.

Then there was still the question of art.  Most of what I have in the guest bedroom I've planned to use in  other rooms and what was left didn't work for the bathroom.  But I did have the pieces I used in my old bathroom - 2 metal frames I had painted grey, and a framed and matted piece of scrapbook paper.  Which got me thinking that I could just repaint them to match this new bathroom.  I pulled out my arts and crafts boxes to get to my paint and brushes and then also found a new piece of scrapbook paper that worked with the bathroom and a bunch of canvases.  The last time I tried to "paint" something on a canvas it was an epic fail.  I mean I am totally crafty, but I'm not an artist in any way shape or form.  But I got this I went to my computer and googled some images.  I took a pencil and sketched something out on the canvas and then I painted in the lines. turned out WAY better than I expected it to.
I made an Emma!  I had planned to do a project like this forever ago but I was intimidated by trying to get it right and never got around to it.  Plus it's hard to capture the cuteness that is my dog.  See what I mean?  Side note: the signature head tilt in the 3rd picture is one of the main reasons I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on this dog and her allergies.  Makes me melt.
The silhouette can't capture all that, but it reminds me of it.  It is clearly a representation of her and how much I love that little ball of fur despite the fact that my white duvet cover is already covered with her hair.  It isn't perfect in proportion, ear shape, and a million other things that I could nitpick, but all in all, I love it and I'm pretty proud of myself.  AND I think it looks awesome with the rest of the pieces I whipped up, and in the room as a whole.
I would like to take this opportunity to brag about my paint mixing skills.  The only color that came straight out of the tube was the teal I used for Emma...the rest I concocted out of a collection of pretty basic colors - I'm like a "real" artist, ya'll.
There was no way to get a close up of the vanity without being in the picture myself, so I figured I should at least look happy about that.  And that I should shower.  And fix my bangs.  And not wear the same PJ's I've been bumming around in for longer than I will admit...and brush my teeth.  Yesterday was maybe a bit too lazy.
So, in conclusion: I'm awesome.  I used my awesome abilities to make an Emma.  And to finish off my awesome guest bathroom, which I've been using more than my own just so I can sit there and admire my awesome handiwork.

Now, I should probably get to those pillows...

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Mams said...

Gemme "A"
Gemme a "W"
Gemme a "E"
Gemme a "SOME"

And what do you have?

AWESOME! I'll say!!!

Looooove it!!