Saturday, January 8, 2011

- Indianapolis to Mankato

I am in Minnesota.  It's absolutely crazy.

By the time we got to Illinois I realized that all of the ponds on the side of the road were completely frozen.  We saw people playing hockey.

I thought Iowa was really boring.  For the most part the sparkly leg warmers I was wearing were the most exciting thing there.  Then I saw people riding snow mobiles - that wins.  Also Iowa and Minnesota have wind mills, and for some reason, I think those are really cool.

About 45 minutes outside of Mankato I came way too close to hitting a deer.  I don't understand deer.  After all this time haven't they realized that when two bright lights are barreling towards them it might not be a good time to cross the street?  We missed her butt by an inch.  But as Fah-tar says, "an inch is as good as a mile".

We went to pick up dinner from the Olive Garden.  I fed Emma and thought she would be fine to wait in the car while we went in.  She decided to eat all of our leftovers we had in there in addition to her dinner.  I would punish her but dogs don't have long term memory, so she has no idea what she did wrong.  She's curled up on a pillow at Kelsey's parent's house...completely unaware of how much things have changed in the last two days.

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