Tuesday, January 4, 2011

- Moving in Small Steps

Step 1: Locked and Loaded. Met movers at POD at 8AM. Watched them load all of my possessions onto a big truck. That truck is now en-route to my new home, and I'll be following shortly. This was the first in a chain of events that makes everything irreversible. This is happening. I am totally moving to Minneapolis.

Step 2: Beat a deadline. Upload dissertation and (finally) signed title page to officially meet all the requirements for graduation - in May.  Realize that signed title page has tons of typos.  Feel embarrassed for about 2.6 seconds and then realize that caring about my dissertation isn't fun.  Shrug shoulders and get over it.

Step 3: Ready the Jeepster. Thanks to Matteo, Jeepy has a new neutral safety switch and actually works in low gear and won't short out my starter again! There's also a new starter, all of the fluids have been topped off and my sweet little brother changed the oil. However, he wasn't sweet enough to check my breaks so I'm hoping they're still okay...the tires are good, and it's been cleaned, washed and inspected.  I don't doubt that he'll make it just fine to our new home.

Step 3b: The X-Files. Not a real step in the moving process, but moving is made much more fun when you re-discover this awesome show from the awesome 90's.  Thanks to Jon for finding this on Netflix watch it now and reminding me.


Step 4: Start the goodbyes. First up - Mom, Dad, and Trev + crying.  That was a tough one.

Step 5: Goodbye friends.  They only have to miss one of me.  I have to miss ALL of them.

Step 6: Actually MOVE.  Pack the car.  Get in.  Drive away.

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Mams said...

It was tough...as bad as when we dropped you off at NCSU and left you...only thing different is we now have Cell phones...Thank goodness...at least we can talk.

I love you bunches my sweet daughter and am both sad and happy you are leaving.

Sad because you will be so far away, yet happy you are starting a new chapter in your life!

Exciting times ahead for sure!!!