Saturday, January 1, 2011

- A New Year, A New Everything

I am starting off the New Year in typical fashion: hungover.

I have no resolutions - I quit making them years ago because it seemed so silly to give myself yet another to do list that I would ultimately fail at. And usually they were lame and revolved around weight loss.  Which I found the secret to this year! If you want to be your goal weight all you have to do is be a Ph.D. student that procrastinates, do a lot of research in short time intensive spurts, take your orals, break up with someone, date someone new, break up with them too, write a dissertation, defend said dissertation, and be homeless/in-between addresses for 4 months.  If you don't lose 10 pounds with this plan you're doing something wrong. I'm not sure how I will apply it this year, but where there's a will, there's a way. Besides, with all the change looming on the horizon, I think it best that I just try to keep up...

New address - I actually have one now! New state of residence - weird. New driver's license - I cannot even imagine not having an NC one. New apartment - Please come visit, you will have your own guest suite. New space to design = new projects: I'm making a headboard, painting furniture and sewing tons of pillows, all in the next 3 weeks.  I can't even express how excited this makes me, stay tuned for tons of pictures.

New job - I think I might be a grown up now. New salary - cha ching! New health insurance with dental - I cannot even tell you when the last time I had a cleaning was, mostly because I can't remember.  Also, my bottom teeth are totally getting fixed! New car - I'm not quite ready to let Jeepy go, but it might not be up to me.

New blog design. Today I wanted to change a few things. But, blogger has changed a lot of things and all of my cool html coding I did way back when, well it isn't compatible anymore. So as soon as I changed one thing and pressed save, nothing worked and everything had to be re-done.  I still cannot get my post titles to be published in the correct color and I have no idea why. The internet is hard. Edit: I fixed it!  I'm a Doctor so the internet had no choice but to do what I said.

Basically in 2011: New EVERYTHING + same me = BIG adventure.


Mams said...

I love your new blog look!!!!

It sorta reminds of the CF 7's t-shirt the year you were cool is that!!!

Laurie Elaine, Ph.D. said...

Thanks Mams - I think it's a definite improvement. Some of the flowers have that same look like the fireworks, so I can totally see that. I love that shirt...wish I had one.