Monday, January 17, 2011

- (Second) First Impressions

So, now I live in Minneapolis.  It's weird because I've lived here before, but that was 2 years ago and it was Summer.  Places are familiar and yet new all at the same time.  Sometimes I forget that this is where I live now and I'm not just visiting.

Whenever I told people I was moving to Minneapolis the most common reaction was to say something negative about the winter weather.  I mean in the South they pretty much think that survival here is next to impossible.  In the week that I've been here I think the highest temperatures I've seen have been right under freezing, and it's weird how 26 already feels "warm" to me.  Seriously, I went outside today to let Emma pee, without a jacket on.  I'm practically already a local.  But, this coming week looks like it will be a whole new test.  Because I'm all grown up now and grown ups read the paper, I ordered the Sunday paper.  The forecast for the week says:
Wednesday: High 8, Low -9.  "Numbing sunlight.  Feels like -25".  On Thursday a "harsh wind blows" and Friday will be "subzero most of the day".  But my favorite was Saturday: High 7, Low -7.  "Character building cold".  I don't even know what that means, but I decided to interpret it as this: "If you go out, and survive, you will be more awesome than anyone you know".  Bring it Minnesota.

Minnesota has definitely been bringing it when it comes to snowfall.  It has snowed at least 5 days since I got here a week ago.  I mean there is a ridiculous amount of snow here.  While I can say Minnesooota like a local, I'm definitely a North Carolinian because I still totally think snow is magical.  I lay in bed and watch it fall through the window, and I've even taken some pictures.  They are pretty good about cleaning it up so that the roads and sidewalks are mostly clear.  HOWEVER, I hate the "slush" that forms when there is enough snow to accumulate, but not to scrape, which is what's been happening a lot lately.  It suctions my boots when I walk in it, and the salt that's mixed in has ruined the leather on one pair.  It sticks to shoes so well that people track it EVERYWHERE and most stores have several mats at the door for people to wipe their feet on, but when it melts they just become soaking wet making it really easy to slip and slide on the tiles.  I haven't fallen yet, but I feel like it's just a matter of time.  And of course it also makes it easy to "slip and slide" when driving.  But, unlike in NC, people still go places.

Today I was trying to get to a Home Depot.  I'm not exactly sure what went wrong, but I ended up in a neighborhood where the roads hadn't been cleared at all and were named after states, but also had Canadian provinces mixed in.  I never found Carolina Ave...the organization was off, so it wasn't near Virginia or Georgia, which were also not near each other.  I think at one point I went from Pennsylvania to Dakota to Ottawa, and turned around on Boone.  But the main point is, had I not had 4 wheel drive, I might have been stranded on Idaho Dr. all night.  I never found Home Depot.

Emma has also survived, despite some skin allergy drama that cost me a fortune and forced me to find a vet a lot sooner than I thought we would need one.  She was anxious the first few days but as soon as I got my bed put together she set up camp and could seemingly care less what state we're in.  Although if she's missed my bed as much I have, I don't blame her.  When we go out she doesn't fuss to much about the snow, but her feet do get cold if we're out there for much longer than 10 minutes.  I bought her some boots to hopefully help with this, except when they are on her feet she thinks that they are some kind of torture device that prevents her legs and feet from operating normally.  It's hilarious, but all of her crazy antics usually just results in the boots coming off and me giving up.

As for the city, my quest to visit every HomeGoods in the area has taken me to a bunch of different suburbs and I feel like I've explored a lot.  Today I saw a "herd" of wild turkeys walking down the street in Roseville on my way to a fabric store, which was unexpected, to say the least.  I can honestly say that I never thought I would see a turkey footprint in a pile of snow.  I'm starting to learn what roads go in what direction and where they'll take me, but for the most part I really don't have any idea how to get from point A to point B without Google Maps.  Unless Point B is Panera, Target, or the liquor store.

Mostly though, I find myself really liking where I live and the city as a whole.  I mean we aren't BFF's or anything, but we're like when you make a new friend and you're really excited because you feel like you have a lot in common and you can easily hang out and you see the potential.  That's where I am with the Minnie.

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