Tuesday, January 25, 2011

- Slightly Later Than Promised

Do you know what takes a long time?  Everything I endeavor to do.  I mean I think I'm taking on a simple, straightforward project and then all of the sudden it's 5 hours later and I'm still not done.  I'm just a terrible under-estimator of how long things will actually take.  Case in point - this post took two hours to write and I mean it's mostly a bunch of pictures with me chit chatting in between.

My plan was to come home and finish the pillows then take pictures and then post them because that's what I promised a pregnant woman I would do, and I know better than to lie in this situation.  But, my commute home took a really long time and I was all angry about the state of things...it's no wonder that most grown ups are unhappy.  I bet there's a direct correlation to the amount of time they spend commuting.  Anyways, then I talked to my Mom because I wanted to give her my new phone number for my land line, which I had to get because my cell phone only works when propped up on the sliding glass door in between the second and third window pane and that's annoying and not conducive to you know, really using your phone.  But then they gave me Jocelyn Jones' old phone number and even though she hasn't had it for 2 months, there are still a lot of people looking for her.  Namely, collection agencies, State Farm, some pushy telemarketers who like to ask "If I know Jocelyn" and a number that showed up as MN DHS but when I answered never said anything.  As fun as all that was, I decided that since Jocelyn was getting more calls than I was, I wanted an un-recycled number.  So, I was handing out my shiny new number when I realized that I was really hungry.  I never ate lunch today because after my morning training I went to the credit union to set up a local checking/savings account and then after some more meetings my day was over and I was getting in the car for the aforementioned commute.

At this point these pillows have been on my to do list for a really long time.  And I want them done, but I also want to be lazy, because being a newly formed grown up makes me sleepy.  Lazy people typically decide that it's not the worth the work involved to make pillow covers that have zippers.  Especially when they aren't planning on changing their decor for a least a year.  So, they just sew three sides on the machine, throw a pillow in there, and then hand stitch the last side while watching the X-files.  Or that's what I would hypothesize that they do.

It's a happy surprise that pillows made from the depth of laziness look pretty much the same as professional pillows when staged on a bed.
Originally I had only planned to make 3 for the bed, like shown here.  All different sizes and all different fabrics.  But I underestimated how much I like symmetry and I couldn't configure them in a way I liked.
So I made another navy pillow for the sake of symmetry.
Even lazy people make an effort to match the embossed pattern on the two pillows.  Just in case anyone looks closely.

Here's the bed with all 4 pillows, but from this angle one is hiding.
I tried a slightly different pillow configuration.
But it looked stupid and I hated it.  So I switched it back.  Here's a close up.
I promise there are 4 pillows on the bed.  There's a pregnant woman reading, I wouldn't lie.  I feel it is also important to note that laziness did not prevent my first foray into the use of trim, which was also quite successful.  Even laziness can't suppress awesomeness.    

Maybe you noticed the ottoman make over I finished over the weekend?  Originally I wasn't going to do the pink fabric on the top, but navy fabrics in Minneapolis are apparently endangered on the verge of extinction.  I went like a million places but only found one I liked.  I like the way the pink pulls from the bedding, but I'm just not sure about how it works as a whole.  I mean I sometimes feel like this is all getting a bit too colorful and is starting to look like a unicorn threw up a rainbow.  Maybe all of the furniture needs to go white instead of green?  But then is that too much white with the curtains and the lamp bases and the 3.5 foot tall headboard I plan on having?  Whatever I decide, I plan on painting the legs on the ottoman navy, so that they blend in a bit more.
Speaking of fabric choices - I made a pillow out of the fabric that I used in my bathroom because I also liked the way that it worked with the bedding.

The bathroom turned out a bit differently than I thought it would.  The fabric I bought is a designer fabric and it's spendy at $15/yard.  I bought 3 yards of it and it's 54" wide.  But shower curtains are typically 72" wide so I hoped to find something at Joann's that would be cheap (and hopefully on sale) to fill in on the sides so that I could get the necessary width, because $45 is already more than you should spend on a shower curtain.  Isn't it weird that I can talk myself into spending that much because the fabric is all pretty and I love it, but I have a hard time paying $12.25 to have my official transcript emailed to my new employer.  I mean, I spent 9.5 years of my life at State and never asked for a transcript before and I have to pay for one?  Ridiculous.  But $45 on a shower curtain?  Whatevs.

Originally I was thinking of something lime-y green to go with my spendy fabric but it was majorly slim pickin's at Joann's.  I unexpectedly landed on chocolate brown and I love the way the contrast looks bordering the shower curtain.
From this angle the polka dot looks a little too prevalent, and juvenile, so I'm kind of starting to doubt it.  Originally I was just going to use the stripe on the wire storage cover.    
But I thought that using the polka dot on the sides would provide some cohesiveness between the two pieces.  From this angle it's better.  I think.  I'm not sure.  I don't even know if I like it right now.  I did do a much better job on the fit of the wire storage cover this time around though, so that's something.

I would like to place something over the towels, but I don't know what.  I originally tried the framed print you see in the mirror, but the glare on the glass in that location is really bad.  I thought about a grouping of smaller white frames but I don't have any white frames.  I have frames that I could paint white but they're currently dark blue and it would take a lot of coats and I'm lazy, remember?  Plus, I don't know what to frame in them.

And while I'm sharing all of my deep decorating thoughts, I decopaged a trash can!  I mean it was lying around and I needed one for the guest bathroom so I just picked up a few sheets of scrapbook paper and then used some mod podge I had.  It was really more like paper mache since I cut the paper into strips (I thought that would make it easier to deal with the curves) and then dipped them in the glue, which also made it insanely messy.  Seriously I did this like a week ago and I found glue under a nail yesterday.  
It also took me like 3 hours.  I spent 3 hours of my life on a trash can.  I mean, do I take care of my guests or what?

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