Wednesday, February 16, 2011

- You've Waited Long Enough

I am lacking wit today.

I don't really know how to tell you about how I made my headboard.  It seems boring and straightforward every way I've typed it up.

First, I got a piece of wood from the Home Depot.  It was a 42x60 inch piece of 3/4 inch birch plywood.

If you look closely you can see all the little x's.  That's how many buttons I was originally planning for.

I did some math.  To figure out where I wanted my buttons so that I could drill holes.
I am apparently bad at simple equations that involve the number 18.

Then I affixed the mounting hardware.  This is a french cleat designed to hold up to 200 lb.  My headboard probably only weighs like 40-50 lbs, but you can never be too safe.  Plus it's a flush mount.
I cut foam to size and wrapped everything in batting secured with staples.  Emma is not a fan of my staple gun.
When "upholstering" figuring out how to fold the corners will be the hardest part.  I literally just tried folding the two sides into each other a bunch of ways until I found something that I liked...then I tried to duplicate the same thing on the other corners.  There was no method to my madness.
At this point I thought I was almost done.  Just make some buttons and tuft this baby.

To make these 6 buttons nearly killed me.

This is a really good picture of buttons.  I wish my other pictures weren't so sucky. 

It doesn't matter that you can't read the instructions on the back of the package.  They make no sense and are basically LIES about how "easy" it is to make fabric covered buttons.

Making a headboard is messy.

Even if I told you how I made the buttons it wouldn't be helpful.  Because if you ever need to make the buttons, my way won't work for you, or any other method you find on google.  It's like your own personal Jesus - you gotta find what works for you.  It took me 2 hours to make the 20 buttons.

Tufting was also not easy.  I ended up having to secure the buttons with wire because every kind of thread that I tried broke.  Even the wire broke a few times.

Considering that I carried the piece of plywood and all of my supplies upstairs to my apartment all by myself, I figured I could get it up on the wall all by myself too.

You can see here that I decided to not waste my efforts tufing the lower part of the headboard that will be covered with pillows when the bed is made.  That, and my sanity couldn't handle any more buttons.

I bought a metal bedframe so I didn't need to buy a box spring, or other more expensive frame with a base, plus I prefer the look of a tailored bedskirt to that of a structural bed frame.  I got my mattress from Ikea.  It has a 90 day return policy but so far I love it.  Somehow I managed to hang the headboard at exactly the right height for the bed to slide right under...without actually measuring the height of the bed.  Because I hung everything before I even had my mattress.
All done.  I pretty much love it and it's exactly what I wanted.

FYI: the cheapest upholstered headboard I ever found was $450 and it wasn't as tall as I wanted it, plus it probably would have required a hefty shipping charge. I built mine for $220 and that includes the cost of plywood, foam, batting, material, buttons, a staple gun, upholstery needles, and mounting hardware.
Here's a peek at the rest of the room.  What color should I paint this dresser?  Right now I'm thinking navy.  What color should I paint the tops of the blue wire shelves?  Green like the end tables?  Keep them white?
This picture is crooked.
This one is too.  In real life, those shelves are crooked in that the one on the left is hung a smidgen higher than the one the right.

I will hang this on the wall.
The frame around the lime green flower was the first one I opened and something in the packaging or on the frame cut me, and cut me pretty bad.  It was the second cut I've gotten on my right index finger this week and caused me to bleed on my new white sheets.  The sheets that I reached for on Tuesday, and managed to hit their paper label just the right way to slice my finger.  That was the first cut.

The next time you see this room it will be COMPLETELY DONE.

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Mams said...

I think the dresser would look great totally white and it would tie in with the headboard, curtains and duvet. Plus it would be a neutral and allow all your other colors to pop. You could always paint the knobs a color. The headboard turned out reallly nice. Great job!! Love it!