Friday, February 11, 2011

- Birthday Week In Review

Last night I was sitting in the shower (don't judge me for being too tired to stand up while washing my hair) taking stock of all my bruises sustained during a headboard constuction that was more intense than I ever thought it would be...when I realized that I had a really great birthday week, without even trying.

If you didn't know that this is my birthday week then you don't really know me that well.  Otherwise you'd already be asking me what I have planned - because pretty much every year since I turned 21 I've made a big deal about my birthday.  I figure it's the one time of the year that you can be shamlessly self-centered and generally celebrate the whole month of February.  My idea of a celebration typically involves massive amounts of shopping and partying because "It's my birthday, so I probably deserve this".  Consequently in March I eat ramen and am lame because I can't afford to do much else.  That explains why I've only ever had one actual "spring break", but it was awesome and included 13 days in Tahoe and a new digital camera.  I took this picture.
I put a Keep Tahoe Blue sticker on my car and bought a tee shirt with a silhouette of a snowboarder on the back, because I left that trip with the sole intention of learning to snowboard, and I still haven't.  It's totally on the list of things I will give myself this year, because I figure I shouldn't let all this snow go to waste.  Plus a lot of snowboarders are cute.  And I look pretty cute in a tobaggon.  The hat not the sled, because I'm from the south and that's what we call them down there. 
Anyways, this year is a bit different.  I knew it would be and I've been trying to mentally prepare myself for that.  The partying and celebration is considerably more low key seeing as how geography saw it appropriate to make NC and MN pretty far from each other and I've lost a large contigency of birthday supporters.  Plus, I don't know if MN is quite ready for what I usually bring to the table - it's probably better to ease them in.

So, this week I didn't plan anything special.  Luckily, sometimes great weeks happen to awesome people.

Monday: Baby G made his grand entrance and I am completely thrilled for Jaclyn and Matt.  My heart has literally swelled and sometimes I feel like I could explode with happiness, especially when they refer to me as "Aunt Lau Lau".  In the quiet moments during the day that I'm not consumed with work I am constantly thinking of them and their new family.  Despite how much I dislike that I cannot be there with them, and that I have to wait to meet my new favorite person until the end of the month, this is definitely the highlight of my week and even month.  I'm also really excited that we share a birthday week and I feel really lucky to have this kind of connection with him, you know, since we're not technically related and all. 

Thinking about this on my way into the Home Depot, which I can now find all by myself without Google Maps, I am all teary and stuff which I hope gets passed off as more "I'm freezing to death because it's -15 outside" rather than "I'm more emotional than the lady that just had a baby".  I leave the Home Depot with plywood, a saw, paint, sandpaper and a french cleat.  I am totally stoked about these purchases.  

Tuesday:  I got my name on my office at work.  This may not seem like much, but for someone who has been waiting to start their career for years, it is pretty monumental to see.  I'm reminded just how hard I worked to get here, and how hard I'm willing to work to prove myself.

I complain about the weather for the first time.  Consistently negative temperatures are really not so fun.  I feel like Minnesota is missing the fact that it's my birthday week but then I look at the weather and realize that there's a major warm up coming this weekend and that on my actual birthday temperatures will be really close to 40 degrees.  That's so toasty I probably won't need to wear a coat or even turn on my heat.  I'll probably sweat in anything more than a tee shirt and jean shorts.   
Wednesday: I receive my first compliment at work from my manager about how "impressive" my performance has been.  Consequently, I feel like complete rockstar.  Never has it been more obvious that I am exactly where I need to be.  Even if it is really far away from a squishy adorable baby...

Thursday: I finish my headboard and mount it on the wall.  I need to get my mattress and I might need to adjust the height a bit, but overall it looks AWESOME.  To stick with the baby-theme, it was a complete labor of love.  One that will get it's very own post.   There is also the beginning of a guest room taking shape and for extra credit I busted out some paint and attacked my table and lamps.  Table = awesome.  Lamps = OMG that is way more orange than I wanted, what was I thinking with Citrus blast and why oh why did I get a quart rather than a sample jar?

Friday: I attend an NC State alum - Minnesota section meeting.  I talk to old friends and meet some new ones.  My accent doesn't feel weird, and neither does the fact that eat a million hushpuppies.  I have about 12 hours of 27 left...

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Mams said...

You had a great week!! And it's your birthday today. So a very big Happy Birthday to my wonderful and talented daughter!!

((Hugs)) and lots of mucho!