Friday, February 4, 2011

- A Few Things

#1 - Google Maps: I found Parkdale Dr.  It was kind of where you said it would be, but mostly not.  You have to take the Park Place Rd. exit and then that will spit you out on Parkdale.  I figured that out when I went back to the Home Depot the next day to exchange my tape measure and inadvertently looked up at a street sign hanging by a light.  This is not an apology as you were still wrong, misleading and have yet to redeem yourself in any significant way.

#2 - This is what my kitchen looks like:
It is done.

#3 - This is what my living room looks like:
I have a great idea for that wall space above the couch...
That's special agent Dana Scully.  On the X-Files she's always like "Let me in, I'm a medical doctor" and it makes me wonder if I should say things like "Trust me, I'm an academic doctor".  That box below the shelf is also the LAST's full of CD's that I've yet to sort alphabetically and put into the boxes under the coffee table.
I can't wait to paint the base of the table red, so there's some more contrast...and of course, those lamps.  JEEZ that yellow color is killing me, but not at a level that surpasses my laziness.  I'm buying paint this weekend so I can work on it after work next week.

#4 - I am craving biscuits and gravy.  All day, every day.

#5 - I am going to make a headboard this weekend.  I'm hoping I'm able to execute the mental design I've created, but knowing me, the process will be nothing short of interesante.

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Mams said...

Everything is coming right together and is lookin' good! Love the red and your entertainment center is Awesome!! Your floating shelves are nothing short of amazing...I mean really, you put them up? I've got to show your Dad!