Monday, February 14, 2011

- V Day

Sometimes my dreams come true - literally.  I don't mean in the cheesy way like "I dreamed I was successful and had everything I ever wanted" I mean: I dream something, and then it happens.  I don't think it's psychic so much as it is the ability for my subconscious to work out things and draw conclusions...while I'm sleeping.  My earliest memory of this happening was in the 3rd grade, and it did not end so well.

In my dream Joey was coming over to my house to play.  Joey was an actual classmate of mine, and probably one that I was crushing on at the time.  I seem to remember some 3rd grade style flirtation happening around this time.  So, dream Joey arrived at my house with his parents, who just happened to be Beetlejuice and his wife.  I must have just seen this movie.  Anyways as they were dropping him off they casually mentioned "Oh don't be concerned, but at 2:30 Joey will transform into a werewolf". 

My dream parents were all "Okay, sounds great" as they smiled and waved bye to Mr. and Mrs. Beetlejuice.  Joey was smiling at me and asked "Are you ready to play?".  Everyone in my dream was acting completely relaxed, like what had just been said was normal.  Except me, of course, who tried to say something like: "Um I don't really want to play with Joey any more on the account of him being a werewolf and all..."  But no one seemed to hear me and my mom just ushered us down the hallway to my room.  

I think Joey and I did play successfully for a little while.  I'm not sure what we would have played because in real life I didn't play with boys when I was in the 3rd grade and my room was a complete Barbie fortress.  Anyways, shortly thereafter the clock struck 2:30, and as soon as it did I looked over at Joey to see him transforming, right on time, and it was terribly terrifying.  For some reason my bed was in the center of the room, so I ran to the side away from Joey.  I'm not sure why I thought that would be safer because Joey clearly was hungry and as he growled at me blood trickled down the corners of his mouth...

I jerked awake in a fit of absolute terror but the image of Joey as a bloody werewolf chasing me around and around the bed was firmly burned into my memory.  At school the next day I wasn't exactly ready to see Joey and be all buddy buddy.  But, as luck would have it, it was Valentine's everyone was going around putting their valentines into the containers we'd made and decorated.  When Joey came to my desk I'm pretty sure I told him I didn't want anything from him and to please go away.  I was trying to be nice and act brave, but then I noticed that real Joey had red stains in the corner of his mouth.  Knowing what I know now, he probably had kool-aid for breakfast, but my 3rd grade mind interpreted this to mean that my dream was true, and Joey spent last night moonlighting as a werewolf.  Needless to say, I kind of caused a scene and while I don't remember the details of what exactly I said and did, I do know that I was sent to the hall and scolded for being so mean to my classmate.  My crush on Joey was nonexistent after that fateful day.  

So let's just say that my aversion to Valentine's Day has been around for a while...

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