Tuesday, March 15, 2011

- Get Bent

I have recently been completely addicted to watching That '70's show since I found the entire series on Netflix "watch it now".  I've seen most of the episodes before so I already knew that it was awesome, but watched in it's entirity it is overwhelmingly obvious that the writers are complete geniuses.  I definitely consider all of the laughing an ab work out and I think Eric is the most funny - I have such a thing for skinny nerds with impeccible comedic timing.  Hyde is a close second.  Anyways, here I was composing a sonnet that captured how I love this show as much as Fez loves candy when I realized: every episode in Season 5 is named after a Led Zeppelin song.  Season 6 is the Who.  The Rolling Stones are featured in Season 7 while Queen finishes things up in Season 8.  I can't even explain to you how something so simple can make me so happy, but it does.  It's like a little secret that most would have never discovered...except that I would have never NOT noticed.  I have spent too much time with these artists, reading their life stories, watching documentaries on how certain music events changed the world, pouring over their lyrics and listening to some songs every day for years.  In a lot of ways I grew up with this music just like these characters do.  I might not have been there, but I scoured eBay for old band tee shirts and belt buckles and tried to wrap my head around what is was like.  I wore bell bottoms.  I watched The Song Remains the Same and all of the Beatles movies sober and still "got it".  I pondered what it means "to be a rock and not to roll" so many times I lost count.

So, yeah.  It's like happiness in a 22 minute installment everytime I watch an episode.

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