Sunday, March 20, 2011

- Lazy Sunday

Sometimes when I have a lot that I'd like to accomplish - I like to rebel against it all and instead do NOTHING.  Especially when it's's like against my religion to be anything other than lazy.  SNL, per usual, captured it best:

"We're about to get taken to a dream world of magic"

This weekend I wanted to prime all of my furniture that needs to be painted and clean out the laundry room/guest bathroom which is holding a ton of crap I need to get rid of.  I also had plans to finally get myself some new clothes.  But instead I mostly camped out on the couch and caught up on a bunch of TV because I purchased a Hulu plus subscription.  I rounded out my weekend activities with some sleeping and a lot of eating.

Because you know what I love about weekends?  Breakfast.  I mean, and I am being completely honest, few things bring me more happiness than evaluating all of the breakfast options and picking the one I want the most.  In heavy rotation are biscuits and gravy, stuffed french toast and a breakfast sandwich with maple bacon, a fried egg, and tomatoes on wheat.  So I'm really incapable of doing anything after sleeping in until I eat.  And then after a big breakfast I feel the need to lay around and watch TV.  Things like Bones, That 70's show, or like 10 episode of Glee.

And then it's 7pm and it's time to eat again.  Something healthier like a salad since I had that big breakfast...I mean I would never go for something like a gigantic burrito from Qdoba and then eat it all in one sitting.  With chips and queso.

But I don't want to sell myself short here, I did manage to run again with Emma on Saturday because I was serious about going shopping at the Gap and she has to be tired before I leave.  And I did find myself some clothes, but I mean I had to fight tooth and nail for the ones I ended up with, and I may not even keep them.  I don't want to sound pathetic like "Oh poor me I lost weight and none of my clothes fit" but I am kind of pathetic.  I thought that being thinner would open up a whole new world of fashion potential - but instead it's just a whole new world of frustration.  Because I spent years and years learning how to dress my old self and finding what worked best, and now none of it works anymore.  And the things that didn't work then, still don't work now.  It's like I have this weird in between body that nothing really looks right on so I usually just throw a dress over it with some tights and call it a day.  The situation is getting pretty dire so I was determined to leave the Gap with something anything because I only have two pairs of pants that fit and even fewer tops that aren't tee shirts and it's getting ridiculous.  Should someone really have 15 pairs of tights in all different colors and only 2 pairs of pants?  I didn't think so.

Being a girl is hard, with all of the constantly hating your body...sometimes it gets exhausting.  So is 5 hours of shopping, so afterwards I was hungry, sleepy and dejected.  I mean I didn't even have the energy to drink wine.  And that is just wrong.  A whole new box of wine and I was so busy being lazy I didn't even have time to open it this weekend.

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