Thursday, March 3, 2011

- My Blo-jo

Here's the thing...every day I think of several things that I can write about for this blog thing.  But most topics actually suck when I get down to writing them and you never see them, because I mean, they really suck.  I hit the publish button much less than the delete one.  This past week has been one of those times where everything that I think sounds good in theory, is actually the lamest thing I've ever written.  Jaclyn asked me today if I lost my blog mojo or "blo-jo".  1: I don't know that I ever had blo-jo, and 2: If I did, I totally have.  So, instead of an actual well thought out post which I couldn't write if my life depended on it, I'm going to throw together some random thoughts.  Yay!  Aren't you so excited?

Barky McBarkerson
I call Emma a lot of different things: Emma, Em's, M&M's, Eminem (when she's all hood rat), Emma Grace, Emma Grace Steed (when she's in trouble, like when she pulled my leftover lunch from my bag which I was saving for dinner, and ate it), Emma Bear(s), Bear, Little Bear, Fuzzy Bear (when she needs to be groomed), Foofie, Foofie Head, Foofs, and Ho Bag (when she decides to curl up on my pillow while I'm washing my face and won't move when I get in bed).  But most recently I've been calling her Barky McBarkerson because she can't seem to shut her trap when I leave and has received 2 noise complaints now.  She's always had separation anxiety but I guess it's just gotten out of hand with the whole move and I haven't done anything to correct it.  Until now.  She's showed a ton of improvement this week and this morning I waited for 10 minutes in the hallway and only heard her whine a few times.  Plus, she is listening to commands a lot better and I think we might be able to actually teach her "lay down", "high five" and "shake"...and maybe I can even get her to dance on her back legs like a circus dog on command, for fun.

My toe hurts.  I'm not sure why, but it's bothering me.  I could check it out but it's so flippin cold here that I am wearing tights + leggings + knee high socks and I'm too lazy to go through all those layers to look at it and see if I can figure out why.

I had this thought 2 days ago and still haven't checked my toe.  EDIT: I checked my toe.  It looks like a toe and there is not obvious reason for discomfort.

Conundrum (a post I actually started to write)

Conundrum is a fun word to say.

Here's a work related conundrum.  My job is awesome and I mostly love it.  I say mostly because lately I have been spending a lot of time in the pilot plant.  Making thousands and thousands of cans of el soupo. And by thousands I mean less than a hundred, but surprisingly a few cans take a lot of work and several hours to make - as long as you're in a completely un-automated small scale pilot plant.  Whatever, anyways...the point is, if you make food in the pilot plant you have to be all sanitary about it.  And safe.  So I have to wear a hairnet under my bump cap.  If you're not picturing me look insanely hot in that get up then your mental picture is wrong.  You should also know I wear a lab coat that has my name on it, for mental picture purposes.  I like to think that I'm totally big time since I have my name on my lab coat, but mostly I think they do that because people look completely different in hair nets and bump caps and it's hard to recognize your coworkers.

Anyways, I rock the heck out of a hairnet and a bump cap, but after I'm done making soup and it's time to switch back to my normal work wear, my hair does not bounce back so good.  In fact, it pretty much has no bounce and is plastered to my head.  On days that I'm in the pilot plant I essentially end up packing an overnight bag with my straightener, a few hair products, a head band, and lots of bobby pins plus some make up.  Then I have to "primp" which I totally feel weird doing in the locker room because NO ONE else ever seems to be in there doing what I'm doing.  There are plenty of other women that are in the pilot plant and yet I never can seem to tell who was there based on their appearance, while I feel like my hair just screams "I spent the whole morning in the pilot plant which is why I now look like crap.  And I look so bad you probably won't take me seriously when I say something intelligent because you can't get past my poor appearance".

I don't know what everyone else's secret is.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I have bangs.  They really seem to revolt against soup making. 

I quit writing here because it was getting boring due to loss of Blo-jo.

A Case of the Mondays
This week Monday was really sucking more than necessary so I decided to make a Pandora radio station with Flight of the Conchords and it was probably one of my most genius moments ever.  I was instantly cured.  It's really hard not to laugh when someone is singing with their friend about how they both fell in love with the same girl, the girl they both met about 45 (or 48) seconds ago.  And Natalie Portman, who just won an Oscar, did an insanely inappropriate rap for Saturday Night Live that I was singing the whole time I was working on the guest room. 

The Guest Room
My apartment is almost finished!  Just kidding - I'm totally lying.  It's maybe 50% done.  I though I had everything I would need for the guest room and it would just fall into place, but I was wrong (surprise surprise).  I put stuff in place but it just isn't right and then I took a trip to Home Goods (never a good idea) and decided to try something different than what I was thinking.  So I'm still pretty much at square one.

I am sleeping on an air mattress now.  My mattress from Ikea is too soft and this morning my back just couldn't take it any more.  The whole reason I decided to try a mattress from there was because of the 90 day return policy, so yeah I'm returning that bad boy.  The plus side is the one I'm thinking of getting is cheaper.  The minus side is that...I'm sleeping on an air mattress.

I haven't updated a lot because I've been working on some pieces of art, and being an "artist" is time consuming.  One is for my bathroom because I'm changing the accessories in there because there just wasn't enough color.  The other piece is for the hallway and it has been much more time consuming - I'm still not quite sure it's done.  It was inspired by something I saw in High Gloss magazine from I Suwanee's guest bedroom and thought I would see if I could try something similar.  I've probably been working on it for about a week in bits and pieces every night.  I took some pics but I'm not going to post them because the colors look all wrong so I'm going to try to get them in daylight.  The suspense is probably killing you.

Shower Beer
If you did college right, then you have had a beer or fifty in the shower.  Usually because you've started drinking, and then you have to get ready and you don't want to stop drinking, so you just bring your drinks with you.  Anyways, I slept terribly last night, my back is all hurting, I'm exhausted, I spent the day listening to technical talks trying to feel smart (it didn't work) and now I have a headache, and I'm all complain-y about losing my yeah, I'm drinking a beer in the shower.  Not right this minute as I type this.  Well I'm drinking a beer, but I'm not in the shower.  That would be weird.  After I finish this I'm going to shower.  And continue drinking my beer in there.  Because that just sounds relaxing.  

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