Wednesday, March 9, 2011

- Subtlety

As I mentioned before, the orange paint I chose for my living room lamps was...wrong.  Citrus Blast is just too, well like orange peel.  It's a completely accurate paint color name.
A subtle shift was necessary.  Marmalade Glaze is much more up my alley.  
Except I didn't want a whole quart of orange paint since lamps don't exactly need a lot of paint.  So I just got the sample size which is only in flat.  But don't worry, I bought some lacquer...because I think things  look better glossy.

I also bought paint in these colors: Velvet Slipper, Peaceful Night, and Coral Expression.  If I ever get around to it you'll see where they end up.

These pieces have been painted, and hung in their new homes.
These colors are not photographing well, and the brush strokes don't show up like that in person.
But then again, I'm a total amateur, so brush strokes happen and I don't do much to remedy it.  Or anything really, other to slap another coat of paint on.  But sometimes I kind of like for things to not be so opaque.

I would love to show you full on room pictures and things that are finished.  But there's a mattress in the hallway, an air mattress on my bed (which is more comfy than the one in the hallway, go figure) a missing fabric in the guest room, lots of things to paint, missing art in the living room, and pictures for the hallway that have yet to be chosen, printed or framed.  The thing about to-do lists is that they never seem to get shorter.

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