Sunday, April 10, 2011

- Moose

I was bested by Ikea again.  I'm sure this will happen to me several more thousands times in my life.  It all started when I returned my mattress.  I could think of absolutely nothing that I needed from Ikea, except for another mattress, so I knew I would go through the showroom to lay on mattresses.  They are switching over their whole line right now and don't have all the new ones in so I decided to wait a bit before deciding.  So, I was done right?  Wrong.  I felt like since I was there, I should meander through the marketplace.  Rookie mistake.   Because in the marketplace you will be confronted with millions of things that you do NOT need, but all of the sudden overwhelmingly desire.  Things like woodland creature cookie cutters.
First glance: Oh those are whimsical.  I keep moving.
But wait - is that a hedgehog?  I backtrack.
OMG a moose!  I mean I live in Minnesota now, I should make moose cookies.  It sounds like a Minnesotan thing, don't-cha know?
If I make cookies I could ice them in chocolate buttercream.  That would be delicious.
*Conscience* Laurie you do not need buttercream iced cookies.  MOVE ALONG.
Two steps forward.
Two steps backward.
I will have moose cookies and they will be the best cookies in the whole wide world and I will eat them and be happy.

And that is why I made sugar cookies and buttercream icing (from scratch) yesterday.  Because I bought a $3.99 set of cookie cutters that included a moose.  

Sidenote: The moose cookie cutter is a large cookie, and it is actually quite difficult to make them and have them survive the process without any breakage.
Yeah, that's right.  Moose kisses.

Worth it - for the buttercream alone.

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