Monday, April 25, 2011

- A Week In Numbers

Last week and over the weekend there were lots of things that happened.  I counted some of them.  Or I picked numbers that felt about right.

267 times I got angry at dissertation formatting guidelines, the thesis editor and page numbers.  Seriously Microsoft: make this easier.  And while you're at it, I shouldn't need a Ph.D. to make a table of contents.  Formatting the dissertation is harder than writing it - and my literature review nearly killed me.  People better cite this crap.

40 degrees - as in our average temperature this week.  I'm guessing since it snowed one day and was nearly 50 another. I'm calling this weather non-Spring.  Today it's 60 and beautiful.  Wednesday will have snow showers.

30 eggs bought at the grocery store for my weekend festivities.

23 Ke$ha songs sung.  Out loud.  I should stop admitting stuff like this, but for some reason Ke$ha makes dissertation formatting bearable. 

12 sticks of butter bought.  I used 9.

8 The League episodes watched.  That show rocks my socks off.  And I finally learned how fantasy sports teams work, but I still think they're weird.

5 days I went to work last week.  Good Friday is not a guaranteed holiday when you're all grown up and stuff.  I'll make up for it this summer when every weekend is 3 days.  My summer hours will make you so jealous you can barely stand it.

4 layers in an epic cake I made for Easter Feaster. (Pictures forthcoming).

3 shots: 1 novocaine, 1 tetanus booster 4 years overdue, and Hep A/B because I'd rather kill my liver with alcohol than a completely preventable disease.

2 sore arms after said shots.

1 cavity, now filled.  1 tooth that hurts more than it did before the filling so I'm pretty sure there will be 1 more dentist appointment scheduled this week.

0 eggs dyed or painted - despite plans to do so.  Sometimes it's more important to watch the Other Guys and realize that Will Ferrel really is absolutely nutty.  And hilarious.  Especially when threatening Conan O-brien. Tina Fey is also awesomeAnd maybe Richard Simmons.  

Okay I'm done.

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