Monday, April 4, 2011

- Weekend Workout

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my aversion to the gym and all things related about 5,216,946,516 times.  There have been times in my life I was a "worker-outer" but I have completely given up on the charade and admitted defeat.  In short: I quit that bitch.

This weekend I decided to paint all of the things that I decided to paint a long time ago.  I've had cans of paint sitting in the laundry room for over a month waiting for an "illusive" Spring day.  Saturday was so flippin gorgeous and "Spring-y" that I kind of couldn't believe that weather was even happening.

I moved all of the things to the living room.
And I devised this highly sophisticated method of keeping track of my hardware. 
PS - remember when you were young and your room was really messy and you had toys everywhere and you were really good about navigating the piles and not stepping on anything UNTIL you lose your bearings and step on a GI Joe, or lego piece, with your bare foot and it brings you to tears and you're pretty sure you'll die from the pain?  Furniture hardware can have the same effect.

But, in a moment of pure genius, I decided that it was silly to paint in the living room when I could do so on the patio, so I moved it all outside.  This was an infinitely smarter decision because I used oil-based primer which is all fume-y and catching a buzz off that might have made painting more fun, but it could have comprimised quality - and my long term cognitive skills.  Priming didn't take that long but I let everything sit outside for a few hours to get all dry and schtuff.

Then I schlepped it back inside.
Yay, blank slate

Emma kept busy by roasting herself in the sun.  Notice how she's right in front of the door.  Helping by challenging my balance, which I hear makes your muscles work harder.  She's thoughtful, that one.
Side note: if you are a perhaps "messy" primer and find yourself with a lot of paint on your skin because you are inable to not touch a wet surface and your collection of paint related products is void of Mineral Spirits - you can use olive oil and salt.  I've heard it works really well.  I mean I can't attest to that because I'm a pristine painter, but if you were to Google it you would find information to the affirmative.

Anyways, with the patio clear, I covered it in newspaper and took on some spray painting projects.  Apparently I did not do a very good job with the newspaper.  In my defense there was a bit of a breeze and this will not be the first or last time I have been foiled by wind. 
By this time I'd been at this whole "moving things and painting them" thing for like 6-7 hours.  I decided it was time to start the "social" part of my evening.  Which also lasted 6-7 hours.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling like I'd been in a bar fight or maybe 3.  I laid there taking stock of the muscle groups that were achey (ALL of them) while completely baffeled as to why this was happening to me.  Until I walked in the living room and saw that pile of furniture, and realized I was perhaps WAY more active than I usually am, which brings me to my main point: Painting all of the things is totally a work out.

So, I accidentally spent my entire weekend working out.

Sneak peak of colors chosen:
Aren't you so excited about these colors? I am.

My bedside tables (former end tables from my Raleigh apartment) just got a top coat to cover up some scuffs that occured during their cross country move.  However, I realized as I was doing this that my roller was shedding at an alarming rate.  Because I only really had enough paint left for this "last top coat, and because if you ever look at my bedside tables this closely and have the audacity to criticize them we'll never be friends again...I'm keeping the "textured" finish. 
I'll probably only last a year before I sand them and change their color anyway.

And the coral is NOT covering well on the bedside tables.  I'm torn between sanding, re-priming (maybe they needed 2 coats?) and re-painting...or on the flip side there's the option of not caring.
Helping me not care.  About tables or...
What happens when all of your dressers and bedside tables are being painted.

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Mams said...

Can't wait to see the finished products....colors are fun!