Wednesday, April 13, 2011

- Young at Heart

Today is Aaronus son of Aaroni's birthday.  Poopie's was in January and mine was obviously in my siblings and I have all done our aging for 2011.  Which means my wrinkles can feel free to STOP any time now.

As the oldest I am starting to wonder if it's as obvious to others as is it to me that I don't act my age.  I mean I'm responsible, but I still haven't learned how many shots and/or long island ice teas you should have in one night - I think it's something like your age divided by three and then you minus five but only if you ate dinner and are hydrated.  I shop at Forever 21 more than I ever did when I was 21, and the hemline on my dresses has gotten considerably shorter.  I feel a lot more like Benjamin Button than the Old Maid. 

Aaron is next in line and appears to be a man according to his awesome beard, and yet his indefinate gooberishness says "not so much".  Kid will attack you with his monster big toes and then sing a song about it.  He still quotes LOTR way too much and will usually do the character's voice - I personally like it best when he does Gandalf.

Trevor is 19 and by most definitions all grown up, but even at 25 or 34 - he'll always be the baby and probably contractually obligated to never move out, because I don't think my parents could stand it if he did.  He still drives me crazy with gut wrenches and regularly tackles me to the ground.  He finally has peach fuzz and we're all waiting to see if he has inherited the Steed beard gene.

Currently, we all have jobs.  Real jobs.  Growing up is weird.  Our childhoods seem like they were so long ago when in the grand scheme of things, they weren't.  I recently stumbled upon some old pictures that capture the three of us growing into our gooberish potential, so I will now present a walk down memory lane:
 Back when Aaron and I were still buddies.  This didn't last long.  That little monkey sure was cute though.
We were kind of still friends here.  Camping.  Look at those late 80's clothes.  At this stage we called Aaron "Bubba" .
Trev - looking adorable.  He used to love racing around on that tractor.  If you look closely in the background you can see Aaron and I playing soccer.  I really had no idea what I was doing, but I was bigger than Aaron, so I won a lot.  When he got stronger than me I mysteriously quit playing.
The only picture I have of just Aaron and Trevor together.  This is also photographic proof that Tweety used to be nice.  He wouldn't touch Aaron with a 10 foot pole now.

Here's a bunch of pictures of just Aaron.
Yep, he's nakey in there.  This was probably around the time of the "squeegee incident" that Mom likes to recall, much to Aaron's horror.  This was before he realized how unhappy he was. 
As the middle child his life was so hard.
Look how miserable he is on his birthday.  Even legos couldn't heal his pain.
Poor old Aaronski.  Meanwhile Trevorski and I were best buds.  He was so much younger than me that I could easily persuade him to think I was cool.
Look at that cute face he's making.
Apparently at this stage in my life I didn't wear pants much.
Here he is still loving me.
Even posed with me before prom!
Here he is clearly just humoring me as any hope at keeping the illusion of me being cool has completely disappeared.

Occasionally Mom forced us all together.  It looks miserable.
 Aaron is mad.
 We're all just terrible at faking it.  Thankfully I have abandoned wearing my hair like that as I think we can all agree, it was flippin' horrible.

The End.


Mams said...

OMG....look at you with no shirt, and Aaronus with the soccer ball and weelitel Trev...You are all so cute and oh, to think my children have matured.....NOT!

Aaronus son of Aaroni said...

Thanks for that Laurie! Awesome pics...glad we all grew into our goofy selves..hopefully future Steed children pictures won't be so awfully awkward and embarrassing.

"All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you." - Gandalf the Grey

Laurie Elaine, Ph.D. said...

I'd like to think we're making progress in the picture department. I just framed a good one of us from Trev's graduation - to bad Aaronus won't be at mine.

I read that quote and heard the voice in my head. Magic!

Mams said...

And that would be an awesome Mamsie Day present*wink*

Laurie Elaine, Ph.D. said...

If Mamsie wanted a present maybe she should have remembered to send that birthday card to her oldest and most awesome child.

Hehe JK JK. I'll see what I can do...