Tuesday, May 3, 2011

- Baby Bed

Sunday I found myself in the magical world of Ikea and I decided to take care of a pesky little problem called: "sleeping on an air mattress for two months".

I hate to call it a problem, because honestly, I slept the best EVER on that air mattress.  But, that air mattress wasn't wide enough to line up with the bed frame and it was too tall and it was an air mattress so it was always supposed to be temporary.

The new mattress arrived last night (it was way cheaper than the first one which allowed for delivery fundage) and I have to admit I was a little sad to "pull the plug" on air mattress, but I was also eager to sleep like a grown up.  So far it sleeps great but the one thing bothering me...is how tiny it looks.  It's lower than my old bed, it's lower than the last mattress because there's no pillowtop and it's definitely lower than the air mattress.  I just can't help but feel like Goldilocks who felt right at home in Baby Bear's bed.
Old vs. New mattress.  They kind of look the same in these pictures.

Since it's really only a few inches lower than the first mattress I think I'm mainly affected by how much lower it is than the air mattress.  I mean that thing was high, especially since I put it up on the bed frame.  And, it was my bed for 2 months, so I kind of got used to sleeping at that altitude.
That thing was ridiculously tall.

Regardless of how low the new mattress is in comparison, it also bothers me that it doesn't come up to the bottom of the headboard which I hung based on the measurements of the old mattress.  Rather than lowering the headboard (because that takes work and would require putting more holes in the wall) I think I will just be purchasing a memory foam topper.

Then this bed will be just right.

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Mams said...

It's kinda like our toilets here at the house. Comfort height toilets to be exact. So now when I go anywhere and the toilet is average(low in my book) it's like...what the *#*#! Totally spoiled with my toilet and bed, which is higher than most as you know. But hey remember your first bed which was really tall? Like at least 3ft off the floor....