Sunday, May 22, 2011

- Enraptured

Yesterday was supposed to be the Rapture.  God was going to cast his judgement and send the worthy straight on up to Heaven...and those of us left are just biding our time until he gets serious and ends the world on October 21.  Obviously, I'm still here - so God, message received.  I didn't make the cut and that's okay because I'm a big girl and I can handle rejection.

This Rapture nonsense made it kind of hard to plan my day because I just didn't know if I had time to fit some activities in.  Should I shop?  Do I want to be Raptured in the mall?  What if I was in the dressing room in the middle of a wardrobe change?  Should I work on my IFT poster?  If I'm Raptured, I won't really need a poster about sweetpotato pretreatments.  I figured if I was going to be Raptured, it should happen when I was in my most natural state - laziness + red wine.  So I stayed home and streamed the Hangout festival just in time to catch the Avett Brothers set.

My Brotard has given me 3 Avett Brothers albums but I have listened to them minimally, at best.  I just didn't get it and an ex boyfriend really liked them so it was kind of an association I didn't want to be reminded of.  But, watching them rock out on stage it took about 4.6 seconds to fall in love with the banjo, and the way they beat rhythms on their instruments, and even though my feet weren't in the sand at the Gulf shores, I could feel the energy through my wifi and was dancing all over the place.  Just like that, I was enraptured with the Avett Brothers.  Last night, amid tornado warnings to the north of St. Louis park, heavy rain and hail (side note: San Fran and New Zealand had earthquakes, so all weather signs were pointing to the Rapture) I bought two more albums on iTunes, considered a road trip to Chicago to see a show in September and even went to sleep with their music playing.

Maybe not the kind of Judgement day most had in mind, but since a concert stage has always been the closest I've ever come to having a place of worship, I think it all worked out quite nicely.  

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