Thursday, May 19, 2011

- Holding it Close

My dear friend Megan just started a blog and her latest post is about holding onto things.  It really resonated with me because sometimes when my life is really great, it takes me a while to write about it here.  It's like I want to be selfish about the memories I'm making and just keep them to myself, exactly the way I want to remember them.  Like this past weekend -  before I left I thought I would write about it as soon as I got back.  But then the weekend actually happened and it just went ahead and exceeded all of my expectations.  Like, just blew them out of the water.  It was so perfectly filled with loving family, amazing friends, softball, legos, hugs from my girls, howling cow ice cream, a hair cut from the best hair stylist ever, a silly bug + other smiling babies, a hole burnt in my graduation gown, blue crush shots, pickle chips, pink peonies, late night dancing, my Ph.D., crazy rainstorms and the smell of honeysuckle.

I just really can't express how much every second filled my soul.  So I'm going to do something different...and just not even try.  I'm going to hold onto it all and keep it safe in my heart and instead give you a little snippet with some pictures from Graduation Day.  A day that thoroughly caught me by surprise in the emotions it incited.  Let's just say that I am not only overwhelmed by how many people are proud of me, but I am also completely surprised at the pride that I feel in myself.  I seriously did it.  I don't know if I'll ever really believe it, but ya'll - I'm a Doctor.  For reals.  I have the paper to prove it.  Well I don't actually have it because I left it in the trunk of my parent's car, but proof can be shown if need be.  I'm actually trying to come up with a really cool framing idea for my three degrees, because the standard red mat/black frame thing just isn't my style.
The best picture of just me from the day.  I only look slightly gooberish.
With Mams and Fahtar afterwards.  It was bright and we are a bit squinty.
Poopie is as tall as I am in heels.  When did that happen?
 Two of my advisors: Dr. Truong & Dr. Simunovic.  And Dr. Laurie!
 Audrey = Amazing.  My bangs = not so amazing.
 The family, minus a brotard.
Those two really hit the nail on the head with their first born.
Katie Singer is a rockstar.

Minnesota even celebrated by bursting to life with Spring-ness and greeting me with beautiful weather upon my return.



Mams said...

It was a great day! We actually got some pictures...yeah.

And WE are so very proud of you!!

Unknown said...

This post makes me very happy and incredibly proud of you!! Also it makes me sad that we missed the amazing weekend of celebration. You look beautiful, and so do the peonies. Congrats!!