Sunday, May 8, 2011

- Mamsie's Day

Today I called Mams and we chatted about work, life, my brotards, and how she forgot she was growing garlic and ended up growing it without even trying.  It was a simple conversation, some may even think mundane, but it was one of the highlights of my weekend.  While I called her because it was her day, I also called her because a I need to hear her voice more often now that I'm far away so I can reconnect with all that's really important in this world.

A lot of times these little chats make me feel better, but today it made me miss her so much I felt like I might explode from feeling one feeling so intensely.  Last year I was home.  I packed up Jeepy with Emma and we drove 2 hours down the road so that we could spend time with Mamsie and I didn't realize at the time that it might be the last year for a while that it would be so easy.
Photos from the Front Porch: taken by Mamsie.

This year it takes a 3 hour plane ride both ways and one day of vacation and the excuse that graduation is the weekend after Mother's Day.  And while I'm excited about donning my cap and gown, after today I'm most excited for hugs and moochie from my Mom. 
Love you Mams!


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Mams said...

One of my fav pics of us....Ahh, made me sweet, I love you too! And lots of moochie and hugs coming your way!!! I do love our chats and like to think of you as being just "up the road" and not in Minne. We had it made during your grad school days when coming home wasn't such an ordeal. I sure am glad this weekend is coming up Dr.Steed!

And aren't those 80's glasses to die for?