Tuesday, May 31, 2011

- This My Jam

Lately I've been saying "This my jam" a lot.  I used it in my last post.  So, I feel it's only necessary to tell you about the humble beginnings of this catch phrase.

When I lived in my apartment with Iris the woman whose room was above mine was fairly vocal in the morning.  In the spring when we would both keep our windows open it would allow sound to funnel down down into my apartment from hers.  So when one week she consistently got up at 7am and blasted Phil Collins - I knew it.  I felt it.  I didn't mind so much, because at least she chose a seriously epic song to start her day with.

From the Hangover - Oh Lord.

If you think Mike Tyson is into this song, he has nothing on my old upstairs neighbor.  Not only would this song be on repeat for her entire morning getting ready session, but she would always get really into the chorus and after singing it would squeal:

"OOOOOOOOoooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh this my JAM!"

Like I, and anyone else in her imaginary audience, couldn't tell.  I wasn't even mad she woke me up at that point because it was pretty hilarious.  Plus, I would like to re-state: That song is awesome.

Ever since her, a lot of things have been my "jam".  Most recently - The Minnie in Spring with all this greenness and my windows open with my curtains blowing in the breeze, rompers, and Water for Elephants.

But you know what else is my jam?  California.  So I up and went to there - just like that.  It was completely unplanned until I booked my ticket last Friday, the day I flew out.  I spent a glorious weekend doing nothing but activities that are totally my jam all while proclaiming that they were my jam.

I will tell you about them when I have slept off the effects of a red eye (not my jam) and caught up on cuddling with the Emmas (totally my jam).

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