Sunday, June 19, 2011

- Fahtar's Day

Today a certain time will pass and Mamsie (If she hasn't read this yet) will call me to remind me to call my Dad because it's Father's Day and I need to tell him I love him.

Unfortunately, I'm still having vocalization issues so unless he wants to hear something of a cross between a 50 year old smoker and a pre-pubescent male squeak out something about how important he is (creepy) it's a no-go.  Google has helped me self diagnose myself and I'm pretty sure I have vocal chord nodules/polyps which will require 2 months of vocal rest and possibly surgery.

ANYWAYS, all craziness aside...I love my Fahtar.  And not just today because it's his day to feel all special about raising me and my brothers - but every single day of every single year of my life.  Hopefully I've told him that enough that he can feel how much I love and appreciate him from way up here in MinnesOOOOOta.
A Daddy's Girl from the get go.

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Mams said...

Ahh, such a sweet little girl with here Daddy! You were so cute with your tootsie paws sitting on Daddy's lap doing a little couch time...probably watching "Wheel of Fortune" on the ole tube....