Monday, June 27, 2011

- Loving the Love

This weekend was Twin Cities Pride and you may not know this, but it's kind of a big deal.  Last year like 122,000 peeps showed up to watch the parade which in the midwest, is pretty huge.  Also, Minneapolis is the gayest city according to the Advocate.  I personally like the Daily Show's take on this news:

Target = seriously hardcore gay.

But here's the main thing about Pride: The outpouring of love and acceptance for ALL is mind numbing.  So many times I literally got goose bumps, and not just because it was only like 70 degrees and quite windy.  What got me the most?  The kids.  So many gorgeous happy kids walking with groups, waving rainbow flags, and running along the crowd giving high fives.  This new generation of little peeps that are being taught to love and let love seriously crushes me.  I got totally misty watching two young boys ride along on their razor scooters who were both wearing tee shirts they had painted to say "I love my two moms" on the back.  I mean...I just melted into a pile of emotional goo.

On the eve of what New York has chosen to do - seeing the sheer number of this new generation left me feeling full of hope that my "family" will be recognized as equals - sooner rather than later.

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