Wednesday, June 15, 2011

- Thoughts on A Plane

Is it really necessary to announce during the safety recording that we are on a non-smoking flight?  Who doesn't know this yet?  Is there really anyone flying in today's day and age that would think they could just pull out a cigarette and light it?  And is there anyone addicted enough to tamper with a smoke detector in the bathroom just to get their nicotine fix?  I just don't think that is relevant safety information anymore.  Also, I don't think it needs to be a lighted placard next to the seatbelt one.  There has to be something more important that could go there.

I really see no logical reason that I cannot listen to my iPod shuffle during takeoff and landing.

My seat cushion can float.  It is floatable.  It can be used as flotation device.  I don't understand why we lose the a in the float for the last one - but then again it's I guess it sorta kinda makes sense when you look at it in the way that our language regularly doesn't make any sense.  

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