Friday, July 1, 2011

- Faking Summer

I've been doing that thing that I really absolutely hate doing.  I've complained about it on here a lot and blatantly stated that I don't do it because it's stupid and lame.  It involves sweating and painful moves and weights and it is more awful than I can express.  This kind of torture tends to have positive results though, so about 5 times a week I talk myself into it being a good idea.

In case you're lost, I'm talking about working out.  I started doing this back in April.  So, it's absolutely crazy that I'm even still going because usually you get a good 2-3 weeks out of me and that's it...for like a year and a half.  But since I decided to go all vegetarian on my personal time it kind of seemed like a good idea to start up with this again so that I could live the healthy lifestyle through and through.  I know - totally stupid logic.

The thing is, I was somehow keeping myself going and motivated with workout DVD's at home.  I was actually coming home from work and then making myself jump around my living room for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week with Jillian Michaels, the queen of all torture mongers.  Forget the physical triumph there, the mental one is something I've never experienced in my life.  Seriously, I managed to survive a Ph.D. but have never kept a workout routine going for more than 3 weeks, even when I paid for gym memberships.

But, I was starting to get bored with it.  Things were slipping to 4 times a week...and I was opting for the 30 min workout instead of the 60 min one more often.  So, I decided to up the crazy level and just when Minnesota was starting to get warm - I took up hot yoga classes.

And here's where I would like to practice being Minnesotan with you and complain about the weather (seriously these people are rarely happy with what they get)...when I say "warm" I mean like 65-70 degrees.  Spring lasted forever here.  I think it might be finally be over just in time for a month of "summer"before fall hits in August.  Or I could totally be wrong, and it could be back next week.  I wouldn't be surprised.  So, while it may sound like absolute torture to go willingly into a room that is 98-100 degrees with humidity and spend an hour "stretching" - I actually just consider it to be the one hour a day that I get to fake Summer and pretend I'm back home.

What I'm saying is: I like it HOT.  Even now, when it is actually warm (we seriously have a heat advisory) I'm still going to class.  Because, a side benefit is that it's totally making me all relaxed.  I absolutely LOVE the way I feel afterwards because class honestly does become this mental thing...a journey if you will.  I find myself sad when I can tell the class is ending, but also, ridiculously blissed out.  I mean I don't know that I've ever felt so zen about things as I do when I'm walking back from class.  I'm literally at peace with my day - no matter what happened or didn't happen or happened wrong or not the way I planned.  After a hot yoga class, it's gone because I was able to let it go.

Plus, an hour in there burns the same amount of calories as an hour running, and that saying that goes "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" - yeah that's pretty frappin' true.

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