Friday, July 29, 2011

- Mischief Managed

Soooooooooooooooooooo, if you haven't figured this out yet...I am a huge nerd.  I'm not sure which of my million or so nerdy characteristics would have tipped you off, but it should have been blatantly obvious since...well, forever.

Having said that; ya'll there is something really important that we need to discuss.  I have seriously been trying to hold this back, but I just can't do it anymore.

The last Harry Potter movie was a TREMENDOUS disappointment.

And it's killing me how people are all "OMG have you seen the new Harry Potter?!"  Like it's this amazing awe-inspiring thing that rocked their socks off.  They're saying they got goosebumps and everyone's acting like it was fulfilling and I have NO idea what the heck these people are talking about or how to relate with them.

Not that I had high expectations.  I think I was originally lost after the 4th movie which was a complete travesty.  But then the 5th movie happened and I LOVED it.  I thought it was nearly perfectly done and played it on a constant loop in the background while I studied for my written prelims.  In fact the 5th and 3rd movies are the only ones I actually own, because they are the only ones worth owning.  When the 6th movie happened I just gave up.  It felt almost like it did when I learned there was no Santa Claus due to a slip up made by the Easter Bunny - the magic was gone.  (Yep, I just used that pun.  You shouldn't be surprised.)

The 6th book is like almost my favorite.  I love the journey that Harry goes on with Dumbledore and the way Voldemort's history is created and explored.  When Dumbledore dies at the end of the book, it is a loss I cannot comprehend, much like how Harry feels.  When I first read the book I was affected for days - reeling from a loss that felt real.  Granted this was way back when you had to wait for each book to come out so it was even more torture-filled knowing I'd have to wait over a year to get answers.   Alas, (sidenote: Dumbledore uses that word a lot) when it happens in the movie I basically just feel dead inside.  I seriously had no strong emotional reaction whatsoever.  This is most likely due to the poor casting choice of who they replaced the original Dumbledore with - he always played the character a little too distant and un-loveably eccentric to ever make a meaningful relationship between himself and Harry believable.  To top it all off, in this movie they set the Borough on fire.  WHY?  I understand leaving things out for the sake of time, but if someone hands you 652 pages of perfectly written perfection and you feel the need to just make up some new drivel, then something is wrong with you.

I think I've pretty much sealed the deal on my nerdiness, if ever you were in doubt.  Just wait though, it's about to get even MORE nerdy up in here.

I think after that 6th movie I left what little bit of hope I might have had for the future movies in the theater with my broken dreams of ever seeing the books done justice.  I really wanted to think that the last two movies would be good because they had to be, right?  Wrong.  I think the way I felt about the first part of the last movie can be summed up by that insanely awkward dance scene that happened between Harry and Hermoine.  I never recovered after seeing that.  It seemed like an all time low to invent a love triangle out of thin air where there NEVER should have been one.  In addition to being unnecessary, it felt disrespectful to J.K. the screenplay writers thought they understood the characters better than she did and were allowed to take such liberties.  So yeah, when I went to see Part 2 I was superficially hopeful because I had no genuine hope left.

I barely made it through the movie.  There were so many deviations from how things happened in the movie with how they happened in the book that I'm surprised that what happened in the book actually happened on the screen.  That final book is magical in that every single plot point is wrapped up into this beautiful package.  Every questions is answered.  NO detail is left unexplained or without connection.  When you close that final book, you may be sad that the journey is over, but you are fulfilled.  When the credits rolled I knew I wasted a good 2.5 hours of my life that I would never get back...and that I would have to go home and re-read the book to get any sense of finality.  Which I did.

What I'm trying to say's all my fault that I didn't enjoy the movie.  I made the mistake of reading the books.  I was tricked into thinking, by a few fleeting moments of genius, that someone could make movies that would do them justice, even though I knew that is rarely the case.  Had I not read the books, I think I would have immensely enjoyed mostly every single second (that dance scene would be hard to swallow regardless) of every movie.  When I completely forget about the fact that the last movie is based on one of my all-time favorite books, I actually think that it's a great movie.  I get why people enjoyed it.

But, it makes my disappointment no less real.

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