Sunday, July 3, 2011

- The Pillow Made Me Do It

I am unhappy with my living room.  When I posted the house tour I mentioned that it was my least favorite space and I think the main reason is that its the room that I put the least amount of effort into.  With all of the new stuff I bought for the rest of the spaces, I figured I should re-use a lot of the stuff I had which happened to be in oranges and reds.  I bought minimal furniture and accessories and a few fabrics to pull it all together.  I don't think it looks bad or "un-finished"  but, I feel like it's the only room that is in disagreement with my design aesthetic.  Ohhhhhh look at me with my "design aesthetic" - I'm so big time.

I've known this pretty much since I put it all together, but I just finished decorating in April and I'm probably coming up on a move in the next 6 months so it seems insane to change it all again.  But, this room has been bothering me so much I don't even hang out there anymore.  And there have been some projects that have needed my attention for some time and I haven't been able to motivate myself to take care of them.

Exhibit A:
This is the cutest dog in the world.  She is not the problem in the living room, but she does contribute to it.  Notice how she sits on my pillows like a complete and utter ho bag?  This smooshes them down and makes them all misshapen.  The ones I didn't make have zippers so if needed I can always open them up re-straighten them out.  However the ones that I made and lazily skipped the zipper step on...they are not so fortunate:
Ugly deformed blobs

One of these used to be in the starfish chair, which is usually Emma's favorite perch, but since I took it out and put it on the table to fix she doesn't even get up in that chair anymore.  The other one was her favorite one on the couch.  My plan was to take them apart and use some extra fabric I had to make an envelope closure in the back (like the back of a pillow sham) so I wouldn't encounter this  problem again, but could still avoid exerting the mental energy a zipper requires.  Instead I exerted no energy and just left the pillows on the table for the last 3 weeks untouched.

Exhibit B: 
Those are my curtains raveling out.  This is also a result of the previous 2 factors: the first being my laziness to actually sew a hem and resorting to iron on hem tape and the second being Emma - who every morning chases her treat ball around the house to get her breakfast.  This frequently involves her being all up in my curtains, which is why we have this problem.

Don't even get me started on the two stains that need be treated because someone has had some recent stomach issues and I will spare you any more of a visual but let's just say this: after all the babysitting and escapades with Emma - poop does not scare this girl.

So while all of this stuff is just sitting around in disrepair and I'm hiding in my bedroom playing Pocket Frogs...I occasionally check in on Pinterest.  And I find some pretty interesting things...

Like this living room that has a brown couch like I do, but also mixes in the same shade of grey that I have been majorly crushing on for like ever.  My next couch will be grey...but I hadn't considered mixing this color in now, until I saw this picture.  Also, if grey chevron was a man, I would marry it right here, right now.  And seeing as how the owner of this blog diy-ed that canvas...I'm thinking I could do that too.

Then there is this pink fabric and amazing pillow.  I can't fight that I love pink and that I want more of it around.  Also pink+grey is pretty much perfection, as evidenced by this lovely pillow that I want to adopt and provide a nice home for.

So this color combination leads to me to these curtains from Urban Outfitters.  Which are a bit of a splurge in comparison to what I normally pay, but a little too exactly-what-I-want to pass up.  I bought them.  I think the yellow will play nicely with the light colored wood that I have and the fact that they have orange in them means I can keep around the boxes that I bought at Ikea and am using for storage.  Plus there is all of that luscious grey and I like that they are a lighter material which will allow more light through than the curtains I have now.

There are two other splurges I'm going to make.  These chairs from Ikea are going to be my new dining room chairs.  And, I'm in the market for some fabulous lamps - that will probably have silver/chrome bases - and may or may not be a splurge depending on where the lamps come from.  I'm planning on checking out the local flea markets because Me, You and a Weiner is like inspiration crack and I'm pretty sure that my coffee table will eventually look like a silver version of this desk:
I have tons and tons of other ideas, but you'll have to wait for the "after" pics...for now I just wanted to tell you how something as small as a smooshed pillow can lead me down a destructive path of redecorating.


Megan said...

I am in love with this post because it reminds me so much of how I think...kinda like creative diy thoughts just vomit up one after another and before you know it, you are so stoked about totally redecorating everything that you just have to do it asap. Plus it reminds me of how similar our styles are and how much I miss you. Grey and pink = amazing. Grey chevron = also amazing... check out the grey chevron in this nursery Love the clear ikea chairs, you should also check out the acrylic chairs at CB2. They are more expensive, but we found that they 'sit' a lot better than the ikea ones. I can't wait to see what you have done, and hear about all your other ideas!!

Mams said...

Ahh....I miss that cute little sweet Ems! Can't wait to see what you end up with. Did you like what I emailed you?

Laurie Elaine, Ph.D. said...

Mams I did like what you sent, but I thought the colors were still a little muted, I'm thinking of going pretty bright. I have some links to send you that I found, but it's a pretty big bummer that there are no good fabric shops up here like there are back home. I had no idea fabric shops would be hard to come by up here.

Megan - I miss you too! I love the grey chevron in that nursery, that's such an original idea. Unfortunately CB2 isn't coming to the Minnie until "Winter 2011" and I don't want to pay shipping and all that on something I haven't seen/sat on in person. But I am eyeing some tray tables from there as potential side tables. We'll see how this all turns out...I'm trying to finish it up by the time that Katie visits the weekend of the 22nd, but it really depends on how much I like the curtains when they arrive.