Wednesday, July 20, 2011

- Sneaky Peek

Things around here be changing.  Just not very quickly.  Because I'm lazy.
New curtains are up.  Notice that they are too short.  I will work some magic on them and make them longer.  Also, notice the Emma butt sticking out into my picture.  That ho bag messes up everything.  You should have seen the amount of her hair I lint rolled off my comforter today.  Actually it's probably good that you didn't.  You would think I'm dirty and never clean.  I bought two of the pillows like the one in the starfish chair.  I like them, but I want something with pink and grey.  They may stay.  They may go.
Look at my swank new end tables!  Straight from craigslist for twenty dolla, holla!  They are amazeballs because they are taller than the red ikea end tables I've been using which makes it much easier to reach your beer and bring it in for a drink while laying very still.  That brass finish is not so awesome though, so that's what the can of spray paint is there to symbolize.  They have a slate blue future.  When it stops being all humid here so I can spray paint my little heart out.  The stuffed dog is part of Emma's decor.  Not mine.
Even though I put the new end tables in place...that doesn't mean that I got all energetic and moved the red end tables far.  This place is a disaster.  I'm using this one to hold all my kick ass candlesticks I got at the Good Will this past weekend.  All of those lovelies for $12.  Just imagine what they'll be like all spray painted up and as a centerpiece on the table.  These fun bowls are from Anthropologie and were on sale for $4 bucks a piece which is basically like free at that store.  I don't need all 4.  Right?  I mean what would I do with all 4?  I was going to keep the tiger first.  Now I love the peacock.  And the elephant.  And all of them.  I love them all.  I want them all.  Ideas on what to do with 4 animal shaped bowls?

Yo, I might make some more progress soon.  I'll show you when I do.

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