Thursday, August 11, 2011

- Confessions of an Addict

I think it's time I come clean about something.  I've allueded to it a few times on here, and told a few people in person about this "problem" that I have...but it's time to just really put it out there...

I am unequivocally addicted to Pocket Frogs.

Oh you don't know what Pocket Frogs is?  Well it's pretty much the best game ever.  See when I won my iPad at IFT I wasn't really sure what to do with it.  It was something I wasn't exactly planning on purchasing for myself as I didn't think I really had a need for it.  So with the amount of internet left to surf running low, I started looking around for some free games.  You know, crossword puzzles, sudoku...something classy like that.  I glossed right over Angry Birds because being addicted to that is so mainstream.  Plus, I like totally suck at that game.  I am seriously bad at lining up those birds and then I get all angry because I can't play angry birds well and the whole process is counterproductive. 

But, not to worry, because I found Pocket Frogs and from the moment I opened the game and started playing, it was like hearing a chorus of angels singing. 

Let me be frank: I love this game, but it's really not that special.  You breed frogs and try to get different color combinations for money, points or prizes.  You have to have so many points to move up to the next level, which unlocks new frog breeds.  That's pretty much it.  Want to know what my biggest accomplishment yesterday was?  Becoming a level 14.  Now I can finally breed my Pingo that I got like 10 levels ago but haven't been able to do anything with.  Sweet Jebus!

If you doubt my addiction level let me make it crystal clear for you.  Pocket Frogs is a part of my routine.  I come home from work, change into my leggings, walk the Ems, then cuddle up in bed with her and check my game.  I do a round of breeding, selling, moving and taming then surf the internet.  Depending on how fast the frogs grow, I will check a few more times throughout my late afternoon/early night, or not at all.  I will do another round of all that before bed then usually find something on Netflix to fall asleep to (lately it's Camelot/reading because I should probably try to offset this addiction with culture).  When I wake up I will check my Frogs, if it's not pressing for me to be at work at 8.  Sometimes I even take my iPad to work - granted it's also an iPod, so that's kind of a legitimate excuse...kind of.  What I'm saying is there are several times a day I think about my Frogs.  It's a problem.  And yes, I am 150% aware of how incredibly sad this addiction is. 

But now that I've stressed how much this game means to me, you will understand the level of utter devastation the following story brought me.  One time, a week and a half ago, I opened up my iPad to check in on my nursery and see what frogs I'd gotten out of my last round of breeding.  Except when the game loaded, I couldn't see anything.  The screen went black.  There was still the menu at the top and the big red x in the corner, but no frogs.  And none of the buttons were working.  No matter what I tried, I just had a black rectangle and no playing capabilities.  It was probably one of the saddest days of my life this year.  After much googling I really didn't have an idea of how to fix the problem and of course found many people who had found a "glitch" in level 12 where they just lost their whole game.  Of course, I was a level 12, and it had taken me a month and a half to get there because I'm a Pocket Frogs purist and I don't cheat.  The idea of starting over was earth shattering.  Would I ever get a white chroma Magus again?  What about the 58 awards I'd worked so hard to win?  It was just too much to bear. 

I pretty much ignored my iPad for like a whole week.  If I couldn't play Pocket Frogs I didn't really want to surf the internet or watch stuff on Netflix any more.  Side note: Netflix's price increase slotted for September really irritates me.  The few times I did open my iPad, I always checked Pocket Frogs first...hoping for a miracle.  Then, I started to accept that my game was really lost and since I couldn't imagine NOT playing Pocket Frogs any longer, I went in one day with the intention of deleting the program and re-installing it.  I had even begun to convince myself that maybe the second time around could be better because I'd learned so much about "strategy" this first time around.  I wasn't going to check to see if my game had bounced back because I was sure it was lost forever, but I figured "oh what the heck" and...

Miracle of miracles!  It popped up fully functional.  All of my frogs were in their habitats and I'd even won like 4 more awards.  I cannot begin to express how happy I was in that moment.

Like really people, it's the little things in life. 

I might have taken a small break from my game but I'm back and better than ever.  There are only 16 levels, and I've gotten 90% of the awards so I'm pretty much about to just win the heck out of this game.  I haven't given much thought to what I'll do post-Pocket Frogs...but I will say that I've been thinking a lot more about Mario and re-discovering my Wii...


Mams said...

To and the frogs...reminds of the time I had almost finished the game boy version of Donkey Kong. Plugged into the adapter so I could play it on the TV...remember? I was after all the original Donkey Kong Queen! And then one fateful day..I believe it was Skronsk that turned it on and off and lost all my progress with only 4 levels to go. Oh the angst!

Anonymous said...

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milojjd said...
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