Tuesday, August 9, 2011

- How to Read a Book in 24 Hours

In my effort to continually increase my culture I decided a while ago to participate in a Book Club.  Before you know it I'll be hosting a Supper Club and Down Doggie charity events.

Let's not get carried away here...this Book Club is called "Books and Bars" because it's always held at a (wait for it) bar.  Because let's face it, pretty much everything is better with alcohol.

Anyways I decide to do this Books and Bars thing.  And then I just completely forget about it...until my friend texts me last Friday to remind me.  I planned to pick up the book over the weekend and get to reading because I'm a fast reader and I want to win at Book Club, so I have to finish the book before the discussion on Tuesday.  But then I spend the weekend living it up, eating biscuits and gravy, and taking 5 hour naps during the day.

I buy the book Monday night at 8pm.  No big deal, right?  I mean how many books have I read in a 24 hour period?  How many times did I do this in highschool?

By the time I finish my nightly chores (I'm like so responsible) and settle in with the book it's 11pm and I am getting quite sleepy.  I make it 50 pages and realize that there is no test.  No one is checking on my homework.  No one at Book Club is going to care if I didn't finish the book because we will all be drinking and cheers to Room by Emma Donaghue, which I didn't finish, but I'm sure is awesome.

And that is how you read a book in 24 hours...and by that I mean, that is how you decide that your life does not hinge on reading a book in 24 hours and so you go to sleep instead.

Room is actually quite good.  I managed to read another 50 pages before tonight and even after all of the spoilers I am invested and must see this through until the end.  The Lonely Polygamist is next month's book and I'm actually quite excited about it.  I might even start it like 48 hours in advance...but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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