Tuesday, August 2, 2011

- Mil-to-the-Waukee

I made my first trip to Wisconsin this weekend.   I drove straight through on 94 all the way to the shores of Lake Michigan to Milwaukee.  I was only there for 24 hours, but it was pretty flippin' awesome.  Which was surprising, because I really didn't think Milwaukee would be anything to write home about.  But oh snap!  Here I am - writing about it.

Side note: Up until my trip this weekend, I never realized that Milwaukee is just barely north of Chicago.  Like only 90 miles north.  Sometimes geography just really kind of blows my mind.  

My first stop was the Milwaukee Art Museum because I like to get my culture did.  Plus it is a really cool building right on the lake, so if what was on the inside was utterly lame, I figured the outside would at least be a redeeming factor.
It's a pretty cool soleil design made to imitate the sail boats that are always on the water.  Walking into the main level and looking up is pretty amazing.
The big exhibit on display right now is a bunch of restored artifacts from the Emperor's secret garden of the Qianlong dynasty in the 1700's.  They were interesting to see and read about, but the modern art is what really got me.
Stalagmites made of of clear buttons glued into stacks.
This instillation was string dipped in glue and hung from hooks in the ceiling.  The shadows this cast were really neat to see and I spent a lot of time just walking around looking at how they changed due to vantage point.  I sound way too pretentious/artsy fartsy here.  Gross - I will lighten things up...

Then I went to space!
Just kidding.  Haven't you heard?  We don't send peeps to space anymore.  It was just an infinity room, which was something really popular in the 60's - go figure!  It was an 8 foot cube of glass with all these lights under the surface that you could walk into.  Because of all the reflection it was like the room of mirrors in a funhouse - it looked like it went on forever and OMG that's how they came up with the name infinity room.  Those hippies were so clever.  

I wanted to play around with moving the camera during the long exposure time necessary to capture the pics...but then some people walked in and totally rained on my parade, so this is the best one I got:
Then I found this case of mercury glassware and got to play with reflection all over again.  Well I mean I didn't find it like it was lost...but it was one of the things I noticed a lot of people just zoomed right by like it was nothing special.  Poor glass vases were all neglected.  They were one of my favorite things I saw that day.
And finally...chunks of chalk tied into lengths of wire and hung from the ceiling.
The thing I really enjoy about this kind of art is that it totally inspires me to see everyday objects in a completely different way.  A lot of people say "I could do that"...but the simple fact is - no one else thought to do it and actually executed it.  Except for the artist.  I could glue buttons into stacks, or hang things from the ceiling, but probably only after someone told me to.  I have never come up with an idea like this on my own, which is obvious because I don't have anything nearly that cool in mi apartamente.  

But maybe some day...

After getting my culture on it was time to undo all that good with free drinks at the welcome reception for a conference that I totally just crashed in on.  Conference crashing isn't as cool as wedding crashing, but they had these amazing pretzels and I hadn't eaten anything all day, so it was basically my version of heaven.

Here's another fun fact: Milwaukee is not only on Lake Michigan but also has a river running through downtown.  The Milwaukee river.  Cuh-razy.  So we decided to eat dinner on that river and watch the boats go by which just really made me want a boat.  Serious new life goal: get one of those things.  And someone else to drive it, so I can lay on it and drink beer all day.  

After dinner we took a picture: 
Newsflash: I am now side swooping my bangs.  Mostly because after 8 months of trimming them every 2 hours to keep them out of my eyes I'm bored with that and my laziness has won out.  I will now give you time to adjust to this shocking news.

Then we walked over to where all the happening bars were supposed to be...only to find out they weren't so happening.  So we used our phones to find a piano bar because I was with Jon and man!  Do we love a good piano bar.  It's probably good that we didn't take any more pictures because after a few rum and cokes, I'm not so sure that anyone really needs to witness me singing Backstreet Boys along with dueling pianos.  Ever.  And at least the people that did that night looked just as worse for wear as I did.

I finished up my trip with brunch at a way cute cafe downtown and here's where I went all out Wisconsin-esque with Breakfast Poutine (frites with gravy, fresh cheese curds, and a poached egg on top) and a Pannekoeken with pancetta, asparagus, fried eggs, and beer cheese sauce!  The pannekoeken, or love child of a pancake and crepe, is probably my new favorite thing to stuff in my mouth in massive quantities.  Also: it's a really fun word to say, which gives it bonus points.  And let me just say that ANY time you can combine beer and cheese together - I'll be there.  It's like one of the most fantastic flavor voyages EVER.

I'm just going to ahead and call it: my hot minute in Milwaukee = tremendous success.  

Can you tell that my new word obsession is "tremendous"?

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