Monday, August 29, 2011

- Post-Vaca Funk

Returning to the Minnie from a 6 day vaca in North Carolina put me in a bit of a lingering funk over the fact that these two places are way far away from each other.  That the people I miss everyday while living here are only part of my actual life a few days a year now.  I mean that is not a new realization, I have had nearly 9 months to come to terms with it, but it still doesn't sting any less.  Especially after such an extreme level of saturation, like this past trip home.  And even though I've been back for a week and a half now...I'm still having a hard time shaking this funky haze of just downright missing people. 

Peeps like my family...
Surrounded by brotards; officially the shortest Steedlet

We haven't even all 5 been in the same place at the same time since Christmas.  There was much eating, talking about fecally-focused topics and not showering and wearing pj's for inordinately long amounts of time together.  Okay well that last part was mostly just me.  Harry Potter was watched, games were played, silly songs were created and sang, accents were spoken in and subsequently butchered, and as always, many Lord of the Rings quotes were applied in modern day situations.  In cup was filled, and I hadn't realized how empty it had gotten. 

The main reason I went home was for my Grandfather's 90th birthday.  90 years - can you imagine?  And he's spent the majority of it married to the love of his life. The family made tee shirts for the event and I have spent almost every night sleeping in that shirt because I just like the reminder..even if the the P of Pawpaw was drawn into a B with permanent marker to correct a printing mistake and make it read Bawpaw.  True to Bawpaw form - it was his birthday, but there he was giving me my graduation present.  A necklace that has become so much of one of my favorites that I keep on my bedside table with other special trinkets...alwasy in sight. 

Then there's this little bug:
Hi!  I'm adorable!

G Baby is 6 months old and I have seen him three times since he was born.  That kills me.  I want him to know me and know that he loves me and think that I'm awesome - because I have loved him since I knew he was there.  Luckily, he seems to kind of instantly like me - obviously a good judge of character.  I got to see him more on this trip than any other and every hair pull, scarf chew and baby cuddle was pure magic.  I need a lot more of this little guy in my life.
The only photographic evidence that we have ever been in the same place at the same time.  

And don't even get me started on his parents.  One of the best nights I've had this year was drinking margaritas and sitting out in their driveway laughing about nonsense and watching Matteo fall over in his chair.  Jaclyn and I got to spend lots of bff time together at the spa and on my last day in town we met for lunch.  Which was awesome, yet frustrating because it would be such a great thing to do regularly except for the fact that we don't work in the same city or even state.  Geography can be a downright cruel bitch. 

Karen flew in this past weekend and I was hoping her visit would push me out of this funk but I think it might just prolong it for a bit.  Which is really just silly because I'll be in NC in September, October and December - I'm barely gone in between trips long enough to appropriately miss it.  And the thing is I've done a really great job at creating an awesome new life here in Minnesoooooooota (you betcha!) and I really do love it here...but some days it all falls apart a little bit and I still feel inbetween.  The simple truth is some days I would just like to be there instead of here

Even if there does have hurricanes.

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