Wednesday, September 7, 2011

- Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

Today was a truly awesome day.  And somewhere in my "high on life/can take on the world" mentality I told Jaclyn I was going to upload some living room pics for everyone who is just sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see what is happening up in here.  I think there are at least 2 of you.

Tonight I went to upload the pics that I took last night because I was trying to be all on top of my blog game.  Which let's talk about my mac...I love it, but this bad boy is getting up there in years.  I bought it in April 2008 right before I went to General Mills for my internship which means...the three year warranty is done-zo.  Recently I got the message that there were software updates and when I tried to install them MacDaddy was all "You do not have enough free space to do that".  So, I did what any responsible computer owner does, I pressed cancel and promptly forgot about any signs of trouble.

Which let's face it: that plan of action is foolproof.  Until you try to upload pics and it will only do 27 of 64 because that's all the space you have left since you insist on uploading at least 103,948,570,289,345 pictures of your dog and can't seem to ever delete anything.  What I'm saying is, you're lucky to get this post.  Because instead of closing MacDaddy and lazing on the couch eating pudding, I actually spent like a whole hour deleting things to make room for this upload.  Plus, I'd already eaten the pudding, so that wasn't a valid excuse.

A long time ago I showed you my new end tables and mentioned that I'd be spray painting them and even showed you the slate blue color I was going to use.  People talk about spray painting like it's this really easy fast way to change something.  That might be true for like a picture frame...but these tables, well they were trouble from the beginning.  I decided against the slate blue because sometimes I change my mind and chose the expensive spray paint in "satin nickel" instead.  But in trying to remove the safety pin I guess I broke the trigger and that can wouldn't spray unless I used both hands and pulled the trigger with all my might.  I was all frustrated about this, so I did thick coats which caused the paint to run and then despite that, I realized that they still weren't covering the brass well enough.  And because I always had to keep the trigger held down, one can barely did one table.  It really was the most disastrous spray painting episode ever.

It took me a long time to work my way up to even wanting to look at a can of spray paint again.  I knew I would need some patience for the second time around and if you ask good ole' Mamsie, that's something I usually have in short supply.  But this past weekend I woke up one morning and the sun was shining and it was nice and cool and it was just like all signs were pointing to spray painting.  Not only was I more patient, but also smarter.  (Don't act so surprised.)  I even used primer and did very thin even coats with lots of turning of the tables because there are only like a million angles.  While this turned out much took SIX hours to complete.  Ridiculousness.
Before and After.  Bear couldn't resist being present.

Those baskets are not staying.  I need some that are bigger, and they have to have lids, because with the glass tops it's kind of a pain to look down and see all of that crap that these baskets barely contain.  I haven't found anything close to what I want yet though...and guess what else you can't find in Minneapolis?  Awesome home decor fabric.  I had no idea I would miss being able to successfully fabric shop so much.  Which is why it was a priority to go fabric shopping the last time I was home.  And after finding some stuff I really loved, I left it in the backseat of my Brotard's car and had to wait for him to ship it to me.  So the pillow's aren't actually made...but here's some staging, to give you an idea.  
The left two pillows will mirror the ones on the right and the middle pillow is going to be covered in some grey geometric fabric that I'm going to have to make myself because I can't find what I want.  Should be interesting.  Also, the lampshades will be switched out for white ones, and that piece of plywood is up because I'm planning on painting a canvas about that size and I'm feeling out how I like the dimensions.  And that yellow travesty on the right end table...that is going to to go far far away.  That color looked way better in the can, but on that candle stick it looks neon and I hate it and I'm mad I wasted time on it because it took like six coats.
Kayla found this silk and I splurged on it because I only needed one yard.  It will do this pillow and then I will leave it plain, or I am considering a sequin applique which could be amazing.  But we'll see. I like how the color of the silk changes depending on how the light hits it so it plays well with the yellows and the oranges.

In the process of trying to stage the shelves by the dining room table this happened:
I still have not recovered from the loss.  It was one of my all time favorite apothecary jars and part of a set of three and now that I have only two it just doesn't feel right.  I have no idea what I'm going to put on those darn shelves now because this ruined my whole plan and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

In my spray painting mania I also managed to finish up my goodwill candlestick finds:
I still need to pick a paint color for the base of the table and get my new dining room chairs.  Which means this was a really long post to basically say that I spray painted some things but haven't really done much else.  But, the ball is rolling...let's hope it continues.

Also, I guess I will be buying an external hard drive soon so that when MacDaddy kicks it, I'll be prepared.  And so that I can actually upload the finished pictures when I take them.

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Mams said...

Love the candlesticks! And can't wait to see the pillow projects...keep em coming...and the end tables look much nicer in satin nickel. And you know I still love the ole starfish chair. Everything is coming right along!