Friday, September 9, 2011

- A Day in the Life

I usually sleep in late.  I only sleep on pillows and refuse to get out of bed until the last possible moment.  Like when I am asked if I want to "go outside" or there is talk of me being "hungry" because sometimes I am in the morning and my tummy growls a lot.
Then Mom talks to me.  She is not very interesting so I am easily distracted by what could be going out outside.  Like butterflies.  Or bunnies.  Or toads.  Or birds...sometimes the birds get really loud and and I sit there and watch them and try to figure out why.
Since I've gone outside, eaten, and hung out with Mom for a bit, it's nap time.  Under the dining room chairs has always been one of my favorite places because they're like little tents.  Sometimes I get stepped on a bit at dinner parties or Mom might freak out because she hasn't seen me in a while and thinks I'm lost.
I hang out with Mom again because I'm pretty sure it's dinner time, I mean it's like 4:30!  I humor her with my signature head tilt when she asks me a question about carrots.  Seriously though, are there carrots?  This is no joking matter.  Also, Mom nailed this picture of me.  I just wish that my nose wasn't bothering so much because of my allergies because then I wouldn't have to scratch it raw.
Once 8 rolls around, or it gets dark outside, whichever comes first...then it's officially bed time.  I don't like to go by myself, so I curl up wherever Mom is.  I like these pillows on the couch a lot, which is why they're always smooshed.

I hope you have something this adorable in your life.

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Mams said...

Ahhhhh.....she is way to cute!