Thursday, September 15, 2011

- My Adjusted Age

I've decided that I will no longer be my actual age.  Yep, I can just do that.

I will instead be the age that people think I am...which tends to be around 24-25.  Sometimes 23.  Is it because I look that young?

Maybe.  I think this anti-aging thing I've been doing for 4 years is kind of working.  It's definitely not hurting, but then again neither is the the SPF 100 that I slather on when I think the sun is going to be ferocious.  I can safely say I made it through summer without any sunburn.  But I do live in Minnesota, there's that.

My next social experiment is to go out with Emily who's asian (and those people never age) and see who people think is older.  Just for fun.  Because we're curious.

I think that people most likely think I'm that young because that's how I act - like a kid that just got done with school - a little grown up and a lot of partying with reckless abandon.  I mean I did just get done with school, but we're not exactly talking about undergrad here.  Maybe I'm making up for lost time?  Regressing because I started so late.  Overcompensating.  Just immature?

But still, if no one else is going to think that I'm the oldest person in the room...I'm certainly not going to tell them otherwise.

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