Thursday, September 22, 2011

- My Commute

Most people do not enjoy their commute.  And when it takes me 45 minutes in stand still traffic to get home, I want to take my commute out back and punch it in the stomach.  In fact, I think that the time people spend in their cars commuting is inversely proportional to the level of their personal happiness.

Having said that...I will now surprise you and say that I absolutely love my commute into work when I'm going to my downtown office when the sun is shining and I have the windows down and the music blasting.  This is a very specific set of circumstances and admittedly it doesn't happen too often...but, when the stars align, I never fail to arrive at work in a great mood.  This drive has become one of my favorite things about living and working here - especially once Old Man Winter moved out.  And even with him looming on the horizon again - it was 48 degrees when I drove in today - I still love it, especially with a pumpkin spice latte.  Or a salted caramel mocha.  Or basically anything from Starbucks.

My favorite stretch starts after going around this curve.  The skyline is finally up close and personal.
This is slightly crooked.  Because I might have been taking pictures with my phone as I was driving.  As a side note, the ramp in the above picture is where the HOV lane merges back in with traffic.  I know this because the ONE time I accidentally got in the HOV lane, there was no exit off, and when I got to the end a State Trooper was waiting.  He immediately pulled me and gave me a ticket.  Jerk.
I like this straightaway when you can start to see the line of trees.  I don't know why, I just do.

If this was panoramic to the left you would be able to see the Twins Stadium, which also makes for a great view.  I actually drive underneath that part and then continue downtown then over the Mississippi River to get to my office.  Some day I will take pictures of the Riverfront to show you, because it's one of my favorite views, especially at night when the skyline is all lit up.  But, you should probably just visit and see that for yourself, because it really is best in person.  Just ask Karen and Katie.

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