Monday, September 5, 2011

- Two Decisions

It is Labor Day Weekend...and regardless of where I am now in my life, I can't help but remember last year and what was happening and where I was.  

A year ago I was somewhere outside of Denver when I got a grown-up job offer.  It was the only job offer I received from the only company I applied to.  Some may say that wasn't a smart decision and I guess I could be sitting here writing this from the world of unemployment - but I'm not.  Here's the thing...I'm one of those people that just knows when it's right.  And I may put all my eggs in one basket, but it's a REALLY great basket.  

I said I would wait for the offer to make my final decision, but I knew it would be a great offer.  That it was all moot because the second I tried to get that offer, I'd pretty much made my decision.  I was in the position to take the offer that I'd worked to get...or not.  It was a decision of great magnitude that I made rather easily.  Much like deciding to go to NC State or continue on into grad school.  

A year ago I decided to move my life to Minnesota.

At the time it didn't seem real.  I knew what was going to happen, but I just couldn't wrap my head around how.  Since then I've spent hours on the phone and computer - emailing and calling and trying to figure out where to live site unseen.  I packed up my life and drove Jeepy 2000 miles from my home to my new home.  I started a job, and met new friends, and tried new things and established myself.  A year ago these were all just thoughts...dreams...hopes.  Now this is my reality.

And here's what I know about my reality.  I. Love. It.  This job far surpassed my expectations pretty much from the get go.  I am rocking at it and in return it is rocking my socks off.  When I started I said I'd give it 3 years.  Now it's no less than 5 years, probably 10...and it very well could be that the General has another lifer.  Career-wise I just can't see a better fit for me anywhere else.  But you should probably check in around January when I'm in the middle of my first full winter trying to keep myself warm with a paycheck.  Although, it might just turn out that this girl from the beach is actually a snow bunny at heart.  Who knows?  For right now I'm just in love with the possibility of it all.    

A year ago somewhere in Nevada I made another decision.  It was the one I agonized over most, and it didn't work out.  

There's probably a lesson in there somewhere...  

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