Friday, September 2, 2011

- Up the "Crick"

This be a creek.  Or a "crick" depending on where you're from.
I guess it's my favorite creek.  If you can have something like a favorite creek.  Because this creek and I go way back.  We have history.  (Side note: That was redundant.)  It's right down the road from my old babysitter's house and I used to walk down and skip rocks.  And watch the crabs.  But I had forgotten about the crabs until I saw them this past time.  Yo, that's nostalgia. 

While home I managed to talk my brotards into hanging out with me. In the form of a sunset paddle down this creek, the Prince George. 
It eventually meets up with the Cape Fear River, but we didn't go that far this time. For a creek, I feel like it's pretty big and it has legitimate nature with birds, snakes, alligators and some fish that can jump surprisingly high out of the water.
Where the alligators usually hang out.
The ripples in the bottom of this picture are probably from one of the 674 snakes that tried to jump in the boat with me.  I only screamed like a little girl once.
I love the way the spanish moss hangs off the trees.
I love the trees.
I love the reflection of the trees in the still water.
I love the silhouettes of the trees in the sunset.
I love the colors of the sunset.
I love the gooberific company.  I do not love the criticism of my paddling ability, which is pretty much superb.
Kayla splashed our resident red-headed redneck.  Probably because he was going on about how he was glad he wasn't stuck in a canoe with us.

We probably all have parasites from exposure to the water.  But it was a great way to spend a night at home, which is all that really matters.  Or that's what I'll tell myself when the parasites are eating holes in my retinal tissue.  

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