Tuesday, September 6, 2011

- Useless Trivia

I now present: A look into how my mind works.  

Last summer a group of us got way into Trivia night at this bar downtown...OMG Why can't I remember the name of this bar?  It was an Irish pub, right there on that street in Moore Square next to the Duck and Dumpling.  Tir Na Nog!  I just G-chatted Kelsey and she confirmed.

I was way into this trivia thing even though I rarely knew the answers.  I used it as an excuse to print out maps from every continent (except Antarctica, because that place is lame) and write in all the capitols.  Aaronus son of Aaroni is superb at memorizing things like this.  I'm good at memorizing things that no one cares about.  Like what I was wearing when I did something.  Anyways...basically what I learned is that the capitol of Luxembourg is Luxembourg.  And that Guyana is in South America.  I also know that the capitol of Portugal is Lisbon, but that is probably cancelled out because of that one time where someone from Portugal asked me where Portugal was and I said South America.  I might have been drinking.  Yay me.

Where was I going with this?  Oh yeah, so there was always this team that beat us and their name was "My couch pulls out, but I don't".  HEYO!  I'm guessing that team was mostly guys.

As a fact, I have a pull out couch.  And sometimes when I am feeling superbly lazy, I pull it out and snuggle up with my down comforter and lots of pillows and I watch movies.  I usually like to do this with someone else because it sounds less sad.  When Katie was in town we did it one night after an extremely long day of being hungover where we only barely dragged ourselves out to eat dinner and see the fireworks, which happened at 10pm.  Karen and I also did this, because let's face it, I'm kind of the best host ever and I really know how to show my guests a good time.  After Karen left I might have left my couch like that for a week and even slept on it one night.  But I probably didn't do that.  Unless it was a Wednesday night.  Whatever, don't judge me - that thing is comfy and I'm considering keeping it just for this unique ability that it has.

I have since folded my couch back up.  Comfortable can be addicting in some circumstances and it might have become necessary to construct a list of rules that identify when it is appropriate to pull out the couch, and for how long.

Anyways, when Katie was here I had It's Kind of a Funny Story from Netflix so we decided to watch it and it was kind of an amazing movie.  So amazing that I watched it again the night after she left.  And y'all - I never watch a Netflix movie twice.  (Side note: I recently realized that I spell y'all wrong.  Probably everywhere on this blog I've spelled it ya'll.  That is wrong.  Pinterest helped me learn this.)  (Side note #2: I am very disappointed in the Netflix price increase and can't decide if I want all movies, or all streaming and I'm considering cancelling it all.  But that sounds crazy...especially when you consider how much of a part of my life Netflix has become.  That last statement is sad.)

I was reminded of this movie this morning as I drove from one tech center to the other just at the right time to catch the 9:30 coffee break on our local radio station.  They were playing Queen songs in honor of what would have been Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday.  The google illustration is also amazing today...so much so that I updated my facebook status, my g-chat status, and wrote this blog all because Queen has totally inspired me today.  Oh right, how does Queen tie into this blog post?  Well this is easily my favorite scene from the movie (and easily one of my all time favorite songs by Queen):
Sparkly beards make everything much more cool and Vanilla Ice totally ripped off the base line and this song is WAY more awesome than Ice Ice Baby.

Also, after watching this movie I started a blog post with just this quote:

"Skip.  Yeah I know it's lame, but skip anyway."
- It's Kind of a Funny Story

That was like a month ago, and I finally found a way to incorporate it into an actual blog post...all because of a morning radio show moment that I connected with a story about my couch and rounded out with some world geography.  This is probably the best thing I've ever written and you're welcome for sharing it...y'all.

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