Sunday, September 18, 2011

- Weekend Warrior

Yo I've been all kinds of productive this weekend as far as getting a grip on this living room redecoration is considered.  Friday I was staring at a collection of things for the shelves in the dining room because I was really starting to get bothered by how ugly it was all looking.  I'd been at a standstill since I broke that apothecary jar - the loss of which was a hard one to recover from.  But, by Friday, I just couldn't handle it anymore.  And I don't know what happened, but I just was struck with some inspiration and came up with a collection of things that looked pretty darn great together.  The only problem was, NOTHING was the right color.

Saturday morning = spray painting time.  I think I can officially say that I am done with spray paint.  As far as it's concerned, it's been real, it's been fun, and it's been real fun...but I am over that stuff.  I don't want to use it again for a very long time.  I spray painted 4 more frames, 1 for a mirror, and 2 candlesticks.  Again, that sounds simple and yet it took about 3 hours.

Then I had to create some "art" for said frames.  Originally I had picked out some cheeky phrases from Pinterest that had really been speaking to me lately - but once they were was all just a bit meh.  Luckily, this "art" consisted of me writing stuff on scrapbook paper with a metallic sharpie.  Which means it would be easy to change if I could just come up with another idea, or two.  So I got on that whole ideating thing this morning.  I consider Round 2 to be much more of a success:
I am totally in love with the way the NC turned out.  There's even a heart over Wilmington.
The yellow one says: "Hangover: Just Nature's way of saying you kicked ass last night."  Let's just say that last Sunday, Nature was screaming that from the rooftops for me.

After the art re-do snafu I decided it was once and for all time to make some darn pillows.  This was made much easier by watching the Vikings and Panthers win.  When the second half rolled around pillow making took a bit of a turn, as did the games.  How come I never like a good football team?  Anyways, I finally got these lovely pink ones done and I kid you not, within 5 MINUTES of placing them on the couch to step back and admire my work - this happened:
Ho bag fo sho.

I also made a pair of pillows with a graphic yellow fabric.  The Zemster's is laying on one of those now.  There are still two pillows left and I might have purchased 20 yards of silver sequins for the process of making them.  But, I have lost my I will leave you with this picture of what is being planned for one.  The second pillow is still just a heap of silk fabric waiting to take shape.

Well doesn't really look like much in these pictures - but ya'll this decorating thing takes like a ridiculously long time.  I mean for the most part, it's all I've been doing this weekend.  And even after all this progress there is still this To Do list:
  1. Procure some white lamp shades.  Home Goods was a total bust on this one and I even drove way out to my favorite one in Eden Prairie.
  2. Pick a yellow color to paint the table base...then prime and paint it.  Ugh, this sounds terrible.  It is my least favorite item on this stupid list.
  3. Sell old dining room chairs and buy new ones from Ikea.  
  4. Vacuum - the redecoration isn't really hinging on this one, but GEEZ does it need to happen.  But I don't really wanna do it because it's lame.  And Emma hates the vaccuum.
  5. Make these two last darn pillows that require a ton of sequins.  
  6. Paint a gigantic canvas for over the couch
Also, I'm moving in like 2.5 months - so it's really the perfect time to be devoting to all of this crap.


Megan said...

Your place is looking awesome! But why are you moving, and where to? Can't wait to see the sequin masterpieces :)

Laurie Elaine, Ph.D. said...

Thanks Megan! I am moving because this place is too darn expensive...and it's really too big for what I need most of the time. I'll be moving somewhere else, probably in the same area that I'm in...outside the city, but still close enough to get there quickly.

Megan said...

I understand that. I am so happy we went small with our place, but I am always walking around thinking of new storage solutions or trying to figure out things to part with. It isn't too small, I just envy the ikea-minimalistic-everything-is-always-organized lifestyle. P.S. Love the custom artwork -- I think we need a close up view