Sunday, October 30, 2011

- I'm All A-Twitter

I guess I'm sick.  I might be in denial about it as much as I am about having to find a new place to live.  True Story: I decided to outsource that.  From now on a guy named Doug will be looking for my next home.  But the facts are that my throat is killing me and my voice is nearly MIA.  I am treating this with red wine and Castle episodes.  Which means, I'm like a little bit tipsy as I'm writing this...and slightly distracted by the awesome onscreen chemistry of Beckett and Castle...

It might have become obvious on this here blog that while I don't have a lot of problems with "addictions" I do have a bit of an obsessive personality.  Things like Facebook, Pocket Frogs, leggings, and rugby have all come into my life and set up shop with a vengeance.  Some have been intense but short lived (Pocket Frogs, I'm looking at you) while others have come in strong and stayed that way.  That's rugby fo sho.  And leggings.  I mean, Jebus do I love leggings.

But rugby didn't come in by brought along Twitter.  Now looking at the timeline, I was on Twitter way before this rugby thing took root.  But rugby made me love twitter more.  They were all synergistic and stuff.  I mean, who the heck knew that Twitter was the best way to stay up to date with breaking rugby news?  It started with the World Cup, and following that to keep up with match results and team line up announcements and pretty much every bit of news I could get my hands on.  That led to like a million other people (okay really only about 40) to follow who posted news updates from prominent rugby clubs all over the world.  So I could keep up with all the players that I enjoyed watching in the world cup.  True Story: A lot of those rugby players tweet.  I did not expect this, except I probably should have because in other countries rugby players are celebrities.  This is all really great, because quite frankly, if rugby had ended after the World Cup, I'm not really sure what I would do.

Realistically I knew it wouldn't "end" but it's always a bit harder to keep up with a sport like rugby (or soccer for that matter) when a gigantic tournament isn't going on.  It's not super easy to know where to go to find the right places to get the information.  But, Twitter just brought all of that right to me and this way I get to keep learning.  Stay in the loop.  Which means that I know the Lions won the Currie Cup.  And I know what the Currie cup is.  And I can easily follow ALL of the breaking news surrounding the USA Eagles and all of the Sevens tournament stuff that's happening.  Like how the USA won a bronze medal in the PanAm games today.  And how the USA Sevens tournament is happening in Vegas over my birthday weekend.  I mean if that's not a way to ring in 29, I'm not sure what is.

Also, Rugby Sevens is going to be an AMAZING olympic sport in 2016.  You should all get in on that early and start watching now.

What I'm saying is...Twitter is now my jam.

We'll see how long it lasts.

I promise I'll write about something other than rugby next.  It's just that everything else seems pretty boring in comparison...things are great, but a bit "ho-hum" right now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

- Things That are "In Progress"

  1. Officially becoming a Minnesota resident.  I know everyone else and their mother already took care of this after moving here, but I didn't.  If I'm being 100% honest, I didn't do this immediately because there's a part of me that felt like it provided an "escape plan".  As in: "Oh snap!  This isn't working - I'm quitting and running back to NC.  How convenient?!  I still have my NC license and my car is still registered there.  Easy Peasy."  But, even more than that...I just wasn't ready to claim Minnesota yet, and I needed more than the 60 day trial period the DMV grants to get to that point.  Is all of this wrong and against the law.  Yep.  Especially since in the process my registration expired and I got a ticket for that this past weekend.  Which was really the catalyst for all this, because I guess you can't ignore doing the right thing forever.  Lame.
  2. Making those sequin pillows.  So I made that awesome pattern.  But then I never sewed it into a pillow, and now I'm kind of afraid to try that out because I'm not quite sure how the sewing machine will handle stitching through hot glue and if that doesn't work out so well I don't really have a back up plan.  The other pillow I was working on I have screwed up so many times I'm not sure it can be saved.  So that's all working out well.
  3. Painting that canvas.  And by "in progress" I mean that it is STILL in shrink wrap propped up on the back of the couch.  I think I know what I'm going to paint on there.  I think.
  4. Finding a place to live.  I guess I am handling this much like the whole becoming a resident thing...I'm avoiding dealing with it.  I just didn't exactly have a successful first day and I've been in training all day every day this week and there just isn't time for me to do much else except write this blog post about how I don't have time to fit this into my schedule.
  5. My rugby obsession...I don't see this one losing steam any time soon.  Who has two thumbs and is  going to watch the USA Sevens team on this weekend in the PanAm tournament?  THIS GIRL.
  6. My life.  Just seemed appropriate to add it to the list.  
  7. Vacuuming.  Why is this always so necessary?  It seems like as soon as I do it, it's just a matter of time before I have to do it again.  I hate vacuuming.  It's like the worst ever.  
  8. In short: everything. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

- Dear Monday

How come I am never well rested enough for you?
Because you stay up late every night of the weekend drinking and watching rugby games.
But Monday!  Those were on live from New Zealand - I had to stay out until 2 AM Friday and Saturday in order to watch the games.  I couldn't miss live coverage - it is too hard to come by!  And I took naps!  And even when I don't go out on the weekend I'm still too tired when you come around.  Also, can you watch rugby without drinking?  I'm not sure that's possible.
Naps mean nothing to me.  They don't even count on the weekend.  I laugh in the face of naps!  Even if you get two full nights of sleep, and then nap, then the naps become excess and the excess sleep will also make you tired!  YOU CAN'T BEAT ME!  And no, you can't watch rugby without drinking.  That's a crime against nature...much like trying to be prepared for ME.

Why does time go by so slowly when you're around?
Because I like to really drive home the suffering.  Or I like to fly by if you happen to have a lot to do.  That way, there is either too much time, or not enough time.  I also like to make sure that the internet does not hold enough distraction while I'm creeping by because your misery makes me incandescently happy.
Monday you're mean.  That's not nice.  How come you don't like me?
I don't like anyone.  Don't be so dramatic, this isn't all about you.  Except when it is and then I add in things like: spilled coffee, bad hair days, weekend bloat, horrific traffic that makes you late, missed deadlines for things I deleted from your calendar, no time for lunch, and a broken CD player in your car to go along with the radio which is playing every crappy song ever written on every station.

Why do you suck so much?
Your mom sucks!
You leave my mom out of this Monday.
Make me.
Monday I will totally take you out back and do something mean to you.
No you won't.  You're too nice.  
I'm not that nice.  I could maybe be pretty scrappy in a combat situation considering all the practice I got growing up with two brothers.
Laurie - how many times have I kicked your ass?  You've had at least 1460 visits from me (wow you're old!)...although I didn't start getting bad until you reached a certain age, we'll call it junior year of high school.  That's at least 572 failures at beating me.  You always come back for more thinking that maybe today will be your lucky day.  Except lucky days can never happen when I'm around.  I thought you would have learned this by now...
You just had to bring my age into that didn't you?
For sure.  Age was important in order to get the math right.  Don't frown so much, you're just making new wrinkles.
I hate you Monday.  Can you leave and never come back?
You will NEVER be rid of me!  See you in 6 days SUCKER!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

- Because I Miss My Dad

Sooooooooooooo yeah.  As I have previously mentioned, I am totally obsessed with rugby these days.  The problem is that most people don't know what rugby is.  And the sad part is - I'm having a hard time recruiting people who would like to know.  Generally peeps are happy in their ignorance of this completely awesome sport.  Totally their loss.  But, this does illustrate my main problem right now, which is a complete and utter lack of rugby friends.  As in I have like 1.  So when she's busy that takes my grand total down to 0.  This is deeply affecting me because there is a BIG rugby weekend coming up with the World Cup quarterfinals, the local team playing, and Rugby Day Minnesota where the U of M will take on Wisconsin - Madison in TCF stadium where the Gophers play...which means it's kind of a big deal.  I want to go to all of this.  Ideally, not alone.

Right about now I'm really missing having my dad 2 hours down the road, because he's the one person I know that I could ask to do all this with me...and would actually be excited about it.  But he's a 20 hour drive away.  Or a ridiculously expensive flight.  Side note: I actually looked up airfare for this weekend from RDU to MSP = $634.  This is not fair.

And I know Dad had probably given up on having a kid that really liked rugby.  And if we're being honest, out of the 3 kids, I'm sure he would have picked me last to grow into this role.  I mean...I'm the girl.  I never played a team sport.  I rode horses, which was awesome...but different than Aaron playing select soccer, or Trevor playing lacrosse.  I ran around in the backyard with the boys and kicked soccer balls, and threw the baseball around and can even throw a football, but the idea of doing that in a competitive setting with people watching makes me quite nervous.  I would surely flounder all over the place.

In my later years at the Sevens Tournament there was a part of me that secretly wanted to play rugby, but I'm not sure I've ever seriously thrown a rugby ball and I am much too wimpy to ever get on a pitch and take a tackle.  Have you ever seen the girls that play rugby?  Although, I have always wondered if I could handle being knocked to the ground so loudly that people on the sidelines can hear it, or if I could tackle someone else like that.  Or, if I could catch a ball when it mattered.  But at this point I'm so old, I would probably be broken into a million pieces in a matter of minutes.  And let's not even talk about the running aspect.  Because running is still very much against my religion.

What I'm saying took me a long time to really fall in love with the sport, and I've been doing my best to make up for lost time by watching, reading and learning.  I've gracefully fallen into the role of Grade A sideline supporter and since I've been paying so much attention to the sport lately, I would like to do something that absolutely NO ONE will care about.  Except Fahtar - who used to make rugby look pretty.

I now present my 2011 Rugby World Cup Quarterfinal Picks!

Just like in the Soccer World Cup, my picks revolve around a thorough knowledge of team performance in the current World Cup, a little bit of knowledge about where teams stand in worldwide rankings, and my gut.  Sometimes it's like "Yo, I like Scotland" or "I love New Zealand and want to go to there" and that's about all that goes into me cheering for a team. What I'm saying is...I got my own system and this is how I think it may shake down:

QF1: Ireland vs. Wales - This could be a pretty tight match (like all of them from here on out), because both of these teams pretty much rocked it out in pool play.  And even though Wales is playing at full capacity with no injuries, I'm going with the luck of the Irish - because I think they showed just how powerful they can be when whooping up on Australia.  At this point in the tourney I think tries are going to be harder and harder to come by and the Irish have been completely impressive with the boot - or that's what all of the announcers say anyways.
QF2: France vs. England - Les Bleus have kind of limped into the quarterfinals here, and I think it's going to become pretty obvious how out-classed they are when they go up against England.  The English are one heck of a rugby powerhouse, although they certainly didn't look like it in the first half of their match against Scotland.
QF3: Australia vs. South Africa - This game kind of blows my mind...I mean these are two top teams, and one of them won't make it past the quarterfinals.  Since the Springboks won the last World cup, I'm leaning towards seeing Australia advance, which will be tough considering the horrible luck they've had with injuries and the emotional blow from their loss to Ireland.  In fact, according to the poll on Facebook, the majority of people think that South Africa will win, but I just can't NOT cheer for the Wallabies.
QF4: New Zealand vs. Argentina - Man do I love a good underdog, which means I was actually pretty excited when Argentina beat Scotland...except that started the beginning of the end for Scotland and led to them not qualifying for the quarterfinals.  Which made me sad.  BUT, I'm thinking this is New Zealand's year so I'm expecting them to easily power over Argentina, with the emotional loss of Carter proving to be something they can completely overcome on the pitch.

The most exciting thing about all this?  The pub up here is showing QF 1 & 3 LIVE Friday and Saturday night.  I may be there by myself - but I just don't think I can bear to miss it.

And now for my other 3 readers who don't care about this kind of thing...LOOK!  Something sparkly!
Yep that's 3 pictures of the same piece of fabric on which I painstakingly created the pattern I wanted with sequins.  It turned out WAY better than expected and whenever I decide to make it into a pillow - it's going to rock your face off.

Monday, October 3, 2011

- Things I Did Tonight...

...That I should have done several weeks ago:
  1. Vacuumed.  Remember when I put that on a to-do list in a post forever ago?  Well I still hadn't done it.  I honestly don't remember the last time I vacuumed.  It was becoming crucial, and since I'm leaving town again for a few days, I decided I really didn't want to come home to a dirty house, yet again.  You know it's bad when you have to empty the canister after one trip around your relatively small apartment.  I blame most of this on Emma - it's a wonder that dog isn't bald with as much as she sheds.  Seriously, barely any of that hair was mine.
  2. Re-hung my curtain rod.  About a month ago (that is not an exaggeration) I realized that my curtain rod was looking crooked.  Turns out when I hung it I did not use a wall anchor for the bracket on one side and after all these months I guess those screws finally decided to loosen.  When I noticed this a month ago, I took the curtain rod down and placed it on the floor.  It wasn't until tonight that I finally got out a wall anchor, took the screw out, hammered the anchor in and then re-screwed the screw in.  Then I put the bracket on, and put the rod back up there.  I think this whole process took about 3.24 minutes.  Because I waited a month with the rod AND CURTAINS on the ground guess whose curtains are all wrinkled now?  Don't expect those to get ironed any time soon.  That's crazy talk.
  3. Picked up a roll of duct tape.  This roll of duct tape fell on the floor when I was doing all my spray painting, so again...a really flippin' long time ago.  It was right in the way of the storage closet bifold door, which I have to get into periodically to get food for Emma.  I've just been forcing the door over it.  Tonight I actually picked it up and put it back in the drawer where it belongs.  
  4. Figured out that the stains in my toilet are due to hard water.  Despite my utter laziness, I do clean my toilets fairly regularly, but I realized a while ago that there was like a discoloration that wasn't going away.  I realized this in the Target toilet bowl cleaning aisle, which is way more extensive than it should be.  One of the products was specifically designed to treat this, so I bought it.  Now both toilets are amazing and sparkly.  This makes me happy, as my biggest fear was having the complex charge me for unacceptably dirty toilets when I moved out.  That's embarrassing.
  5. Fixed my sink.  Now that I started swooping my bangs instead of wearing them straight I don't cut them nearly as much.  Or at all since they are clearly in the growing stage.  But I used to cut my bangs nearly every day.  And yeah, I just washed all that hair down the sink.  I'm thinking that caused a bit of a problem since I've noticed for a while that my sink is slow to drain.  I tried to do thinks the all natural way with baking soda, lemon juice and boiling water...but no dice.  So I resorted to some draino.  It worked, yo.
  6. Folded laundry from the dryer.  I did laundry a week and a half ago when I got back in town from my last trip.  
  7. Cleaned my full length mirror.  I noticed yesterday that it was covered in a visible layer of dust and while I was being all crazy cleaning woman tonight, I decided to tackle it.
So, there you have it.  Seven points that fully illustrate just how lazy I am capable of being.