Sunday, October 30, 2011

- I'm All A-Twitter

I guess I'm sick.  I might be in denial about it as much as I am about having to find a new place to live.  True Story: I decided to outsource that.  From now on a guy named Doug will be looking for my next home.  But the facts are that my throat is killing me and my voice is nearly MIA.  I am treating this with red wine and Castle episodes.  Which means, I'm like a little bit tipsy as I'm writing this...and slightly distracted by the awesome onscreen chemistry of Beckett and Castle...

It might have become obvious on this here blog that while I don't have a lot of problems with "addictions" I do have a bit of an obsessive personality.  Things like Facebook, Pocket Frogs, leggings, and rugby have all come into my life and set up shop with a vengeance.  Some have been intense but short lived (Pocket Frogs, I'm looking at you) while others have come in strong and stayed that way.  That's rugby fo sho.  And leggings.  I mean, Jebus do I love leggings.

But rugby didn't come in by brought along Twitter.  Now looking at the timeline, I was on Twitter way before this rugby thing took root.  But rugby made me love twitter more.  They were all synergistic and stuff.  I mean, who the heck knew that Twitter was the best way to stay up to date with breaking rugby news?  It started with the World Cup, and following that to keep up with match results and team line up announcements and pretty much every bit of news I could get my hands on.  That led to like a million other people (okay really only about 40) to follow who posted news updates from prominent rugby clubs all over the world.  So I could keep up with all the players that I enjoyed watching in the world cup.  True Story: A lot of those rugby players tweet.  I did not expect this, except I probably should have because in other countries rugby players are celebrities.  This is all really great, because quite frankly, if rugby had ended after the World Cup, I'm not really sure what I would do.

Realistically I knew it wouldn't "end" but it's always a bit harder to keep up with a sport like rugby (or soccer for that matter) when a gigantic tournament isn't going on.  It's not super easy to know where to go to find the right places to get the information.  But, Twitter just brought all of that right to me and this way I get to keep learning.  Stay in the loop.  Which means that I know the Lions won the Currie Cup.  And I know what the Currie cup is.  And I can easily follow ALL of the breaking news surrounding the USA Eagles and all of the Sevens tournament stuff that's happening.  Like how the USA won a bronze medal in the PanAm games today.  And how the USA Sevens tournament is happening in Vegas over my birthday weekend.  I mean if that's not a way to ring in 29, I'm not sure what is.

Also, Rugby Sevens is going to be an AMAZING olympic sport in 2016.  You should all get in on that early and start watching now.

What I'm saying is...Twitter is now my jam.

We'll see how long it lasts.

I promise I'll write about something other than rugby next.  It's just that everything else seems pretty boring in comparison...things are great, but a bit "ho-hum" right now.

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