Monday, October 3, 2011

- Things I Did Tonight...

...That I should have done several weeks ago:
  1. Vacuumed.  Remember when I put that on a to-do list in a post forever ago?  Well I still hadn't done it.  I honestly don't remember the last time I vacuumed.  It was becoming crucial, and since I'm leaving town again for a few days, I decided I really didn't want to come home to a dirty house, yet again.  You know it's bad when you have to empty the canister after one trip around your relatively small apartment.  I blame most of this on Emma - it's a wonder that dog isn't bald with as much as she sheds.  Seriously, barely any of that hair was mine.
  2. Re-hung my curtain rod.  About a month ago (that is not an exaggeration) I realized that my curtain rod was looking crooked.  Turns out when I hung it I did not use a wall anchor for the bracket on one side and after all these months I guess those screws finally decided to loosen.  When I noticed this a month ago, I took the curtain rod down and placed it on the floor.  It wasn't until tonight that I finally got out a wall anchor, took the screw out, hammered the anchor in and then re-screwed the screw in.  Then I put the bracket on, and put the rod back up there.  I think this whole process took about 3.24 minutes.  Because I waited a month with the rod AND CURTAINS on the ground guess whose curtains are all wrinkled now?  Don't expect those to get ironed any time soon.  That's crazy talk.
  3. Picked up a roll of duct tape.  This roll of duct tape fell on the floor when I was doing all my spray painting, so again...a really flippin' long time ago.  It was right in the way of the storage closet bifold door, which I have to get into periodically to get food for Emma.  I've just been forcing the door over it.  Tonight I actually picked it up and put it back in the drawer where it belongs.  
  4. Figured out that the stains in my toilet are due to hard water.  Despite my utter laziness, I do clean my toilets fairly regularly, but I realized a while ago that there was like a discoloration that wasn't going away.  I realized this in the Target toilet bowl cleaning aisle, which is way more extensive than it should be.  One of the products was specifically designed to treat this, so I bought it.  Now both toilets are amazing and sparkly.  This makes me happy, as my biggest fear was having the complex charge me for unacceptably dirty toilets when I moved out.  That's embarrassing.
  5. Fixed my sink.  Now that I started swooping my bangs instead of wearing them straight I don't cut them nearly as much.  Or at all since they are clearly in the growing stage.  But I used to cut my bangs nearly every day.  And yeah, I just washed all that hair down the sink.  I'm thinking that caused a bit of a problem since I've noticed for a while that my sink is slow to drain.  I tried to do thinks the all natural way with baking soda, lemon juice and boiling water...but no dice.  So I resorted to some draino.  It worked, yo.
  6. Folded laundry from the dryer.  I did laundry a week and a half ago when I got back in town from my last trip.  
  7. Cleaned my full length mirror.  I noticed yesterday that it was covered in a visible layer of dust and while I was being all crazy cleaning woman tonight, I decided to tackle it.
So, there you have it.  Seven points that fully illustrate just how lazy I am capable of being.  

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