Wednesday, October 26, 2011

- Things That are "In Progress"

  1. Officially becoming a Minnesota resident.  I know everyone else and their mother already took care of this after moving here, but I didn't.  If I'm being 100% honest, I didn't do this immediately because there's a part of me that felt like it provided an "escape plan".  As in: "Oh snap!  This isn't working - I'm quitting and running back to NC.  How convenient?!  I still have my NC license and my car is still registered there.  Easy Peasy."  But, even more than that...I just wasn't ready to claim Minnesota yet, and I needed more than the 60 day trial period the DMV grants to get to that point.  Is all of this wrong and against the law.  Yep.  Especially since in the process my registration expired and I got a ticket for that this past weekend.  Which was really the catalyst for all this, because I guess you can't ignore doing the right thing forever.  Lame.
  2. Making those sequin pillows.  So I made that awesome pattern.  But then I never sewed it into a pillow, and now I'm kind of afraid to try that out because I'm not quite sure how the sewing machine will handle stitching through hot glue and if that doesn't work out so well I don't really have a back up plan.  The other pillow I was working on I have screwed up so many times I'm not sure it can be saved.  So that's all working out well.
  3. Painting that canvas.  And by "in progress" I mean that it is STILL in shrink wrap propped up on the back of the couch.  I think I know what I'm going to paint on there.  I think.
  4. Finding a place to live.  I guess I am handling this much like the whole becoming a resident thing...I'm avoiding dealing with it.  I just didn't exactly have a successful first day and I've been in training all day every day this week and there just isn't time for me to do much else except write this blog post about how I don't have time to fit this into my schedule.
  5. My rugby obsession...I don't see this one losing steam any time soon.  Who has two thumbs and is  going to watch the USA Sevens team on this weekend in the PanAm tournament?  THIS GIRL.
  6. My life.  Just seemed appropriate to add it to the list.  
  7. Vacuuming.  Why is this always so necessary?  It seems like as soon as I do it, it's just a matter of time before I have to do it again.  I hate vacuuming.  It's like the worst ever.  
  8. In short: everything. 

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