Thursday, November 10, 2011

- Christmas in November

Today almost tanked.  First of all someone called me at 7:14 AM.  AM people!  I mean ANYONE that knows me knows better.  They didn't know me and I didn't know them.  But then someone else called around 9 and since it was another unknown number I decided to answer and be like "YO - you best forget this number fast".  Except I heard: "This is not a sales call - do not hang up".  Turns was a collector.  And yes, they had the right number.  Let's all learn from my mistake: When you go to e-statements, make sure you add those random people who send out your statements to your contacts.  Otherwise your statements will start going to your spam folder and all the sudden you will have missed two payments on a $28 balance that's on a card you thought you paid off and now with all those fees you owe like $100 and these people on the phone aren't playing around.

I do not recommend starting days with this phone call.

But you should wake up excited about the amazing apartment you found yesterday and will be filling out an application for today.  Oh the furniture placement possibilities!!  I could say a lot about it the granite countertops, hard wood floors, 15 foot ceilings, underground parking, the fact that heat, water, and a storage locker is all included in the rent, the awesome location that is literally like half a mile from where I currently live...but what I'd really like to emphasize is the price tag - cause it's LITERALLY $550 cheaper than what I pay now.  I mean that's a ridiculous amount of the end of the year I'm going to take all that money and roll around naked in it.  Not really - but you can bet your asses Imma buy me a plane ticket to somewhere real nice.  In the southern hemisphere.  Where they play rugby.

Speaking of could find this on sale with an additional 15% off online: Go USA!  And in other shopping news you could pull up the Ikea website and find that if you buy that couch you've had your eye on forever, you can get a gift card for 15% of the price before taxes...which will cover the dining room chairs you also want.  Sometimes the stars just align for these things.

If you're lucky your day will continue with something like this:
Yay!  A package!

My awesome friend Megan is SUPER talented, you can check her out here: Textile Love.  And when she posted pics of a slouchy hat that she knitted I pretty much knew that I was going to need one of those bad boys to keep me warm up here in the Arctic North.  I got to be her beta-tester for Etsy and even though I knew what I was getting, I left the color choice up to her... 
Emma was all: "So it's not food?  Lame."

This is the same color as the one she made for herself and I can't help but kind of love that even though she's tearing it up in the ATL while I'm rocking out in the Minnie...we're totally twinsies!  I tried to take a picture of myself in the hat...but you know how that goes...
Why am I standing so ridiculously awkwardly?  Also it's too dark in this bedroom, and look my bed is a disaster.
Okay the light is better here, but I look like I'm on drugs.  Or sleepy.  Or sleepy because of all the drugs.  I'm not on drugs.  Currently.

One time at East Village Jaclyn and I conducted a highly scientific experiment involving camera angles and determined that from above is the best.  I mean you totally get to avoid a double chin.
However, you can never avoid your inherent gooberishness.  What is this face I'm making.  Is that how I really smile?
Just totally embracing my lack of photgenicity.

Despite not being able to hold my cool in this hat for pictures, I totally LOVE it and might need another 2 or 3 in different colors.  Thanks Megan - you rock my socks off, kind of like the way that Iron & Wine is rocking your socks off right now.

But the awesome day doesn't stop there.  Because, if you're really lucky you will catch the first half of Bones on TV when it actually airs because you actually remembered and finished all your "chores" in time.

It's okay that you don't get to see the whole thing because instead you get to go to the airport and pick up some great friends for a fun-filled weekend of drinks, familiar faces, and football.
Kelsey Cube!  I love this picture of us so much it's framed in my living room.  And one time I posted it on her facebook page just to be all "I love us together".  It was special.
This is also "special".  Jon and I can sing in piano bars like nobody's business.  I can't promise you that we won't end up at one on Saturday night.  I mean when was the last time I sang Journey or Bon Jovi at the top of my lungs?  It's been too long friends.

Christmas in December has a tough act to follow.  

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Megan said...

LOVE it!! The slouchy hat looks so good on you! I am happy to hear you like it. I have this motto for when I am shopping: when something comes in multiple colors, I must get the color that I just can't stop looking at, even if I already have 5 shirts in the same color. That way I don't think to myself, man, I wish I had the green one, it was such a great shade of green. The moral is, I just knew that that shade of aubergine would be perfect for your skin tone and hair color, so I couldn't venture to a different color (for now). Now every time I wear my hat, I will channel you and use words like: snap, ridiculous, and legit :)

Also, I am very excited to hear more about your potential new place -- it sounds like a winner!

Finally, you would have loved the show tonight! Wish you could have been with us. But I am glad that you caught Bones, since we missed it, and that you are rocking out in the Minnie with Kelsey and Jon. Tell them we said hello!!