Tuesday, November 1, 2011

- It'snot Fun

Okay fine.  I'm totally sick.  My throat is all hurty and scratchy and coughing is no es bueno.  And I dealt with this for 4 days like a champ.  I watched rugby, went to a halloween party, played beer pong, went to brunch, and went to work yesterday and I could handle all this because there was NO sinus pressure.

Today sinus pressure rolled into town and now I'm just a sniffling pile of crap attached to a box of tissues.  At least they have a really cute halloween hologram on them.

This cold appears to want mostly Oreos as treatment.  And red wine.  But I feel like when you stay home from work because you're sick you can't drink red wine.  That's wrong right?  It's not that it really makes me feel any better, but when you're tipsy things suck less.  And anything that makes sinus pressure sucks less is okay in my book.  Remember how I'm bad with headaches?  I'm not any better with sinus pressure.  My main thoughts today revolved around how much I need my Mom to take care of me.

I went to the Doctor today because I was concerned about the level of hurtingness my throat was feeling.  I mean I don't have tonsils and I wasn't running a fever but man it was still managing to feel a bit strep-ish.  The Doctor said I'm pretty much fine.  By his determination I wasn't even really all that sick.  He told me to get in the sun if I could - because I'm fair and I'll absorb sun quickly and "Don't worry, you won't get a sunburn in November".  I neglected to tell Doctor man that I'm not worried about the sunburn, but I am deathly afraid of the aging effects that the sun is scientifically proven to have and made a mental note to just buy a multivitamin.  Also, what about sitting in the sun will keep me well?  I think the rest of his advice included "don't get chilled" which should be like really easy here in Minnesota.  So far, I'm winning at getting well.

Oh and to drink hot things.  Mulled wine it is!

Just kidding.  I was good and drank tea and broth and hot water with lemon.  Or a redneck equivalent of hot water and orange juice, whatevs, it worked.

I mean I'm sure that people out there are dealing with real problems, but between this cold and spilling my brand new bag of pretzels all over the kitchen floor last night - things are bad here.  REAL bad.


Mams said...

Ahhh, you need some moochie... Make you better in no time flat!

Mams said...

Ahhh, you need some moochie... Make you better in no time flat!